Alumni Short

Digital Recordings

"Being Smart about Smart Contracts and Secure about Security Tokens"
Susan Joseph, BS ’81, Managing Parter SusanJosephLLC and Owner, Law Firm of Susan Joseph
Barry Seeman, BS ’83, MEng ’85, MBA ’87, Founder, Bear Run Partners

“A Government of Laws…”
Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg, BS ’70, United States Court of Appeals, DC Circuit

“Being a Lawyer in the Best Sense in Today’s America”
Stephen Robinson, AB ’81, JD ’84, Partner, Skadden Arps

“Cyber Space Odyssey” A Cautionary Tale”
Len Kennedy, AB ’74, JD ’77, Retired Senior Advisor to the CEO, Neustar

"A Lawyer's Life: Reflections on Nearly Four Decades of Representing Poor People in New York City"
Speaker: Doug Lasdon, JD '81, Founder and Executive Director, Urban Justice Center
Program Audio Only: Click HERE to listen to Mr. Lasdon's audio file

"Commencing and Conducting the Internal Investigation: What Must Be Considered?"
Speaker: Barry Rashkover, JD '86, Partner Sidley Austin LLP
Program Audio Only: Click HERE to listen to Mr. Rashkover's audio file

"Immigration and the Tech Sector: What's Changed, What Hasn't, and What Might In the Trump Administration"
Speaker: Stephen Yale-Loehr, AB '77, JD '81 Cornell Law School Professor of Immigration Law Practice