Alumni Short

Reunion 2008

Dear Alumni from the classes ending in 3's and 8's,

Over 395 people attended Reunion 2008 with representatives from the class of 1948 to the most recent graduates from the class of 2008. The three-day weekend started with a reception at the A.D. White House, honoring the fiftieth reunion for the class of 1958 featuring wine-tasting courtesy of several local New York Finger Lakes wineries. With over 60 people at the event and warm summer weather, it was a great way to kick off the Reunion activities.

Cornell Law School continues its commitment to the education of our graduates by hosting a variety of informative activities, including the following impressive and varied Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs held during Reunion:

  • “Ethical Lawyering in a Technical World” with Law Library staff Jean M. Callihan and Charles Finger. Participants learned about ethical issues facing attorneys as technology continues to enhance, yet complicate the practice of law.
  • “Contemporary Legal Issues in Sports” with Dennis Curran, General Counsel of the NFL Management Council; Cyrus Mehri, JD ’88, Founding Partner of Mehri & Skalet PLLC; and moderator William Buckley Briggs, ’76, Law School Adjunct Professor and Vice President of Labor Arbitration & Litigation, NFL Management Council. This program explored current laws and issues facing professional sports.
  • “Real Estate and the Housing Market: Has the Bubble Burst and What are the Ramifications?” with Jennifer Schultz, JD ’03, Staff Attorney, Community Legal Services; Daniel J. Wagner, JD ’83, Vice President and Senior Associate General Counsel, Mack-Cali Realty Corporation; Jeffrey L. Schwartz, AB ’73, Partner, Hahn & Hessen, LLP; and moderator Jerome Hass, Professor, Johnson Graduate School of Management. Panelists discussed the current housing market and its impact on the economy and legal issues that attorneys now face.
  • “Food Policy and Law – We are What We Eat: A Discussion of Current Public Policy and Food Safety Issues” with Eric F. Greenberg, JD ’83, Eric F. Greenberg P.C., Jeremiah Cosgrove, BS ’81, JD ’88, Deputy Commissioner, NYS Dept. of Agriculture & Markets, and moderator Professor Risa M. Mish, BS ’85, JD ’88 Johnson School of Management Leadership of Organization faculty member. This gathering highlighted legal changes that have new developed due to the recent explosion of issues affecting the food we eat. Panelists also offered their unique perspectives on the success and challenges presented by government and industry responses.
  • “Arming the Citizenry to Fight Fraud Against the Government: False Claims Acts and the IRS Whistleblower Law” with Neil V. Getnick, AB ’75, JD ’78 and the Honorable Margaret J. Finerty, JD ’78, both from Getnick & Getnick; and moderator Law School Professor W. Bradley Wendel. This session shared legislative and litigation insights and experience into the new legal landscape for combating fraud on state and federal governments.

The alumni also took advantage of several activities that were available, including a tour of the Cornell Plantations and an Open House at the Dawson Rare Book Room with its current exhibit “From Paper to the Internet: Making the Treasures of the Cornell Law Library Accessible to the World” and a family friendly scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt participants were given rhyming“clues” (for example: “You have already come so far, on your competitors, you’ll be gaining… Write down the stats from the Dean with green balloons around his painting!”) and encouraged to seek out several different items hidden around Myron Taylor Hall. Three winners were selected by a random drawing and presented with a gift basket filled with Cornell Law School and Ithaca Coffee Company items. The winners were Henry Massey, AB ’61, JD ’68, Timothy Bixler, JD ’93 and William Verhelle, JD ’98. A special thanks to Gabriel Cannavo (son of Vito Cannavo, JD ’78) for assisting with the drawing.

The “Dean’s State of the Law School” breakfast brought record breaking fundraising news for these reunion classes. Congratulations to all alumni who participated in Reunion 2008’s efforts to raise significant financial support for the Law School.

During Saturday’s lunch, an annual meeting of the Cornell Law Association took place. Official business was conducted and led by Law Association President Katherine Ward Feld, MBA ’82, JD ’83. The official business included welcoming the six new Law Association Board members – Jaime A. Bianchi, JD ’91, James C. Dugan, JD ’93, Julie B. Freidman, BS ’88, JD ’93, Randal Goldstein, BS ’96, JD ’01, Les Locke, JD ’75 and John Vukelj, JD ’03. Also thanked for their service to the Law School were the outgoing Executive Board members – Tina M. Foster, JD ’00, Monica Parikh, JD ’99, Colette Pollitt, JD ’00, and Scott Shorr, JD ’95. Ms. Ward-Feld then recapped the numerous events held by the Cornell Law Association throughout the year. Dean Stewart Schwab also thanked the board members for their hard work and efforts to build and enhance alumni affairs activities.

To conclude a fun-filled weekend of class dinners, CLE programs, tours, a scavenger hunt and reconnecting with friends, there was an all class dinner dance with a special unveiling event highlighting a portrait of former Dean Lee E. Teitelbaum. The late dean’s wife, Herta Teitelbaum, and their son, Peter Teitelbaum, were in attendance and accepted a framed sketch rendering of the portrait. “Was the Trip Worthwhile?”Was the title of the talk by keynote speaker Allan R. Tessler, AB ’58, LL.B. ’63, CEO, International Financial Group, Inc. The evening concluded with live music by the “Backtalk Band” and dancing.


Reunion 2008 Attendees
1940 David Curtiss
1948 John H. Barber
1948 Arthur Seld
1948 Dominick Viscardi
1950 Margy Saecker Eldred
1950 Robert Manley
1953 Paul Beltz
1953 Arnold Burns
1953 Felice Bernstein Burns
1953 Rudolph de Winter
1953 Willard Eldred
1953 Hon. Leo Fallon
1953 Barbara Goldstein Goldstein Paltrow
1953 Gilbert Katz
1953 John Killian
1953 Bill Recht
1954 Sally Killian
1958 Bruce Becker
1958 Leighton Burns
1958 Paul Goldstein
1958 Meyer Gross
1958 Harry Issler
1958 Norman Kirshman
1958 Gerald Kleinbaum
1959 Walter Relihan
1960 Faust Rossi
1961 Pete Meinig
1963 William Barrett
1963 Frederick Beck Jr.
1963 Stephen G. Crane
1963 George Gellert
1963 Charles Hecht
1963 J. Bruce Ipe
1963 Charles N. Mills
1963 George Mundt, Jr.
1963 Charles Nickerson
1963 Duncan W. O'Dwyer
1963 Allan Tessler
1963 Alfred C. Tisch
1968 David Blabey
1968 Mark Dadd
1968 Robert Dietz
1968 Donald Douglass
1968 Matthew Dowd
1968 Dwight Ellis
1968 Kenneth Johnson
1968 Harris Leinwand
1968 Peter Marx
1968 Henry Massey
1968 Joseph McLaughlin
1968 William Rozell
1968 Fred Weinstein
1972 William Benson
1972 Robert Hillman
1973 Charles Adelman
1973 Joseph Brown
1973 Susan Hotine
1973 John Kubinec
1973 Richard Levao
1973 Paula Mueller
1974 Barry Strom
1976 William Briggs
1978 Alice Abreu
1978 Robert Adelman
1978 Kevin Arquit
1978 David Barrie
1978 Vito Cannavo
1978 Christopher Chang
1978 John Currivan
1978 karen davidson
1978 Karen Davidson
1978 Mark Dingley
1978 Martin Domb
1978 Stephen Duprey
1978 Tony Eppolito
1978 Maureen Farley
1978 Robert Fields
1978 Margaret Finerty
1978 Marianne Furfure
1978 Neil Getnick
1978 Steven Kohn
1978 Ward Mazzucco
1978 Deborah McLean
1978 William Murphy
1978 Monica Otte
1978 William Ramos
1978 Gwenyth Rankin
1978 Michael Rosten
1978 Sally True
1978 Alan Young
1982 Randy Marcus
1982 Sally Mulhern
1983 Charles Biener
1983 Douglas Burns
1983 Charles Cramton
1983 Michael Emrich
1983 Jeffrey Feld
1983 Katherine Ward Feld
1983 Allan Floro
1983 Kathryn Sanderson Fox
1983 Eric Greenberg
1983 Denise Hauselt
1983 Stu Hendel
1983 Leonard Hirsch
1983 W. Garth Janes
1983 Leslie Landau
1983 Barbara Jo Lubitz
1983 Frederick Luther
1983 David Mulhern
1983 Maureen Mussenden
1983 Laurie Pearlman
1983 Vicki Partner Pepper
1983 Patricia Pummill
1983 David Radack
1983 Jane Ryer Reid
1983 Patrick Scott Reid
1983 Mary Ann Rousseau
1983 Mike Schubert
1983 Kenneth Sternberg
1983 John Stillmun
1983 David Summers
1983 Toni Marie Sutliff
1983 Daniel Wagner
1983 Robert Zajac
1984 Nancy Feathers Janes
1986 William Wildman
1988 Jeremiah P. Cosgrove
1988 Carolyn Elefant
1988 Henry Granison
1988 Mary Beth Grant
1988 Athena Jamesson
1988 Cyrus Mehri
1988 Risa Mish
1988 Jessica Murray
1988 Matthew Nothnagle
1988 Linda Prestegaard
1988 Benjamin Pushner
1988 Charles Schilke
1988 David Steiner
1989 Mary Turner DePalma
1993 Tim Bixler
1993 James Dugan
1993 Julie Friedman Friedman
1993 Pilar Parducci
1994 Sital Kalantry
1994 Eduardo Penalver
1997 Kim Azzarelli
1998 Michelle Gill
1998 Jason Hill
1998 Sune Hvelplund
1998 Jack Jeziorski
1998 Anthony Penny
1998 Richard Porter
1998 Ian Rosenberg
1998 Paramjeet Sammi
1998 Dan Savitt
1998 Florian Simon
1998 Alex Troise
1998 William Verhelle
1998 Jessica White
2003 Michael Adams
2003 Saurabh Bhasin
2003 James Blanchette
2003 Renato Brigido
2003 Felix Bronstein
2003 Kamilla Chaudhery
2003 Juscelino Colares
2003 Edda H. Dolzer
2003 Stephan R. Goethel
2003 Stephan R. Goethel
2003 Sean-Michael Green
2003 Fabián Guevara
2003 Sheila Yousefi Hartigan
2003 Christoph Kaemper
2003 Maryana Kodner
2003 Samuel Kujas
2003 Michael Marando
2003 Maura Wilson Miller
2003 Kan Nawaday
2003 Jaime Leeser Nawaday
2003 Viktor Okasmaa
2003 Jennifer Schultz
2003 Stephanie Sweitzer
2003 Ingrid Holewinski Szura
2003 Louis Szura
2003 Emanuel Tsourounis II
2003 John Vukelj
2003 Stacey Leece Vukelj
2003 Philippe Zambrowski
2004 Kira Davis
2005 Carl Torrey
2008 Majed Almarshad
2008 Miran Beck
2008 Tm Birnbaum
2008 Ankit Chhabra
2008 Andrew Cowan
2008 Vannina Ettori
2008 Alyson Finley
2008 Dongmei Geng
2008 Yosef Ibrahimi
2008 Halil Kardicali
2008 Alexander Kolmakov
2008 Zack Kuperwaser
2008 Josephine Lee
2008 Dylan Letrich
2008 Hiral Mehta
2008 Barry O'Connell
2008 Shawn O'Neill
2008 Adebola Odepe
2008 Mami Ohara
2008 Moira Kim Penza
2008 Ekaterina Raykevich
2008 Torsten Sauer
2008 Amanda Scheldorf
2008 Tatiana Smolentzov
2008 Quinten Steenhuis
2008 Gauri Subramanium
2008 Paulina Szczepan
2008 Etienne Townsend
2008 Weiyu Yang