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Dean DeRosa's Market Update & Placement News May, 2015
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John R. DeRosa
Associate Dean for Career Services

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Cornell Law School
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Phone: (607) 255-9982

Past Market Update Posts

April 2015

At long last, spring is upon us-and there is even a trace of summer in the air. I snapped this pic from the top of Libe Slope this morning-an early crop of sun worshipping students!


Still warm from the sun, it seems like a good time to celebrate, so let's start this issue with a few festive notes.


On April 27, 150 years to the day since Cornell University was officially founded, I attended the Charter Day celebration at Barton Hall. A great day for Cornell, a great day for Cornellians. Here is a link to a recording of the program-the opening video was magnificent! Take a look.


Convocation and Commencement exercises for the Class of 2015 recently took place on May 10. While our overall placement rate will once again be strong this year, there are still some graduates seeking permanent employment opportunities. If your organization is hiring, please contact me at your earliest convenience!


As many of you know, "Fall Recruiting" is a widely used, yet terribly out of date, reference to our formal recruiting program. Like all of our peer institutions, we begin our program in August, and most interviewing will be over long before the official start of fall in September. Our 2015 recruiting dates are as follows:

  • August 3-5 - August Job Fair in NYC
  • August 10 - Boston Job Fair
  • August 14 - Washington DC Job Fair
  • Various dates in late August/early September - On-Campus Interviewing at Cornell Law School

Does your organization recruit with us? If not, and if you anticipate hiring 2Ls and/or 3Ls for positions in 2016, please contact me so that we can discuss how you might best tap into our incredibly talented pool of students. Job fairs and on-campus interviews are extremely effective ways to recruit, but we realize that those events do not suit all employers. There are many other services we provide - resume collections, job postings, etc. - and I would be happy to discuss all options with you.


"I left 'Biglaw' after three years of practice to start a family. Now, my kids are in school, and I'm ready to return to work. The problem is - I don't know where to begin. My skill set is still strong, but I have been out of the game for a while. How do I get back up to speed?"

Does this sound like your story? If so, you are not alone! I recently completed a term as vice-chair of the National Association for Law Placement's Working Group on Emerging Legal Jobs, and stories like this were a constant topic of discussion. Fortunately, the legal profession has finally started to take note of the incredible array of talented attorneys seeking re-entry into the practice of law. "Re-entry" programs are internship programs sponsored by major law firms and corporations with the ultimate goal of placing returning lawyers into suitable positions following a period of retraining. The OnRamp Fellowship is a well-known example of such a program.

Please feel free to contact our Career Services Office if you seek additional information about these programs.

Until next time: Love to thee, our fair Cornell!

JOHN DEROSA, ILR '89 Associate Dean for Career Services
607-255-9982 /</