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Dean DeRosa's Market Update & Placement News Fall, 2015
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John R. DeRosa
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For those of you who have not already met our campus’ newest resident, this statue of “Touchdown” commemorates the four live bear cubs who served as the unofficial Cornell mascot during the early 1900’s.  Rubbing Touchdown’s nose as you pass by is in the very early stages of becoming a Big Red tradition!

Touchdown The Cornell Bear


The final placement success rate for our 2015’s will be measured in March 2016.  At the moment, the numbers are slightly better than the numbers for the Class of 2014 taken at the same time last year.  As our 2014 numbers resulted in a second in the nation ranking by the American Bar Association, we are pleased by the performance of the 2015’s to date.  That said, we are still working with some unemployed graduates and would welcome any information you may have about entry-level opportunities.


Our 2015 fall recruiting program has officially ended.  While we are still collecting data, it is already clear that our 2L and 3L students performed well overall, with a success rate at least slightly higher than last year’s.

This year’s fall recruiting process saw a continuation of a trend which is now several years old – the extremely rapid pace of the recruiting process, from initial interview to callback to offer.  More than two dozen of our 2Ls arrived at our August Job Fair on August 3rd with at least one offer already in hand – meaning that a material number of interviews were conducted in June and July. By mid-August, roughly half of the class was already starting to withdraw from the interviewing process, as multiple offers had already been secured.

This rapid pace has increased the importance of the geographic location of a student’s 1L summer job.  With interviews starting to occur with increasing frequency in June and July, a student can maximize interviewing opportunities by spending the first summer in or near the geographic location in which that student plans on interviewing for second summer/permanent positions.

Thus, aiding our 1Ls in their summer job searches is becoming more important than ever.  1Ls most commonly spend the first summer in the following settings:

  • Judicial Externships (Unpaid, but credit available
  • Government Agencies and Non-Profits (Usually unpaid by employer, but law school funding available)
  • In-House Legal Departments (Occasionally paid, credit available if unpaid)
  • Private law firms


Are you interested in describing your practice to our students, but unable to visit Ithaca?  Our “Career Conversations” series features recorded interviews with alumni discussing the ins and outs of their areas of practice.  Interviews last only 20 minutes or so, and can be conducted over the phone. 

Until next time-Love to thee, our fair Cornell!

JOHN DEROSA, ILR '89 Associate Dean for Career Services
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