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Fall Recruiting Policies


Please read the following carefully.
All students participating in Cornell Law School recruiting events are deemed to have (1) Read this Memorandum in full and (2) Agreed to abide by all policies stated herein.


The Cornell Law School Fall Recruiting Program features thousands of interviews conducted in several different locations across the country, and all in a relatively short period of time. In order for the Program to run efficiently, and in a manner that generates the best return for students and employers alike, it is critical for all students to act responsibly and in good faith. This is particularly true in the area of scheduling and canceling interviews.


August Job Fair and OCIs:

  • Other than as specified below, 2L students are not permitted to cancel interviews scheduled for the August Job Fair or any of our OCI events. Thus, when bidding, you should not bid on any employer with whom you would not be interested in meeting.
  • 2L students seeking permission to cancel interviews must do so by e-mailing John DeRosa. Cancellation requests will not be accepted by phone or in person. Your e-mail must specify the date/location of your interview, employer name and the reason for cancellation before the cancellation deadline, which will be provided to you. Your request will be considered and a decision sent to you as quickly as possible.

Regional Job Fairs (Boston and DC):

  • 2L students may review the results of the lottery for each event, and cancel their participation if the lottery results do not appear to make the trip worthwhile.
  • 2L students who wish to cancel their participation in any regional job fairs may do so for any reason, provided they cancel by the deadline by emailing John DeRosa. Once the deadline has passed, cancellations will only be permitted for true emergencies, and the guidelines described above will apply.
  • 2L students cannot cancel regional job fair interviews selectively under any circumstances; those who choose to attend are required to meet with all employers appearing on their schedules.

2Ls with Offers

  • In the event that a 2L student receives and accepts an offer of summer employment prior to or during the fall recruiting season, that student must cancel all further participation in all fall recruiting events. 
  • Receiving (but not accepting) a summer or permanent employment offer does not provide a basis for cancellation of interviews beyond what is permitted by the above rules.

3L Cancellation Policies

  • 3L students who have received an offer of permanent employment from their second summer employer may cancel participation in all future fall recruiting events at any time.
  • 3L students may cancel participation in one recruiting event while maintaining participation in another.

Once we run the lottery for a particular fall recruiting event, some employers will have open interview slots left on their schedules. Interested students are free to claim these slots, but MUST follow these guidelines/procedures:

  • Once taken, open slot interviews cannot be canceled barring a true emergency. Before taking an open slot, give some thought to your schedule for the day. For example, if you receive five or six interviews on any given day through the lottery, don’t feel compelled to add any more unless the employer in question is one you really want to see. There is a lot to be said for having some “breathing room” built into your schedule.
  • Open slots must be taken through Symplicity. Requests will not be accepted in person, by phone or by email. Such request will be disregarded.
  • Open slots will be awarded on a first come, first served basis, based upon who logs into Symplicity and takes it. No advance requests will be accepted. As soon as you take an open slot it will appear on your interview schedule.
  • The open slot process for all other job fairs and OCIs will follow a similar pattern; details will be emailed to students over the summer.
  • Specific dates for the Open Slots period will be sent to your emails and will be on a rolling basis.
  • On December 12, 2018, NALP eliminated its long-standing guidelines related to the law student recruiting process.  Cornell Law School has decided to adopt the NALP guidelines as they existed immediately prior to their elimination as our own.

The full text of these adopted guidelines may be found here…

4. Employer Cancellations
In the rare event that an employer(s) are forced to cancel their participation, students are liable for all costs incurred.