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CSO and NALP Policies

All students utilizing the Career Services Office must be aware of, and abide by, the policies set forth by the CSO and by NALP, which governs the recruiting practices of law schools, law students, and legal employers.

Please review the policies relating to the following matters, and speak to a counselor if you have any questions.

Non-Compliance with PoliciesNon-compliance with the above policies will both limit the interviewing opportunities of your fellow students and waste interviewers' time. The consequences can be serious: students may be denied employment with employers of great interest to them, and/or employers may opt out of future recruiting programs here at Cornell.

The law school considers such non-compliance by any student to be unprofessional conduct, and reserves the right to impose sanctions including, but not limited to:

  • Requiring that letters of apology be sent to employers
  • Barring a student from further participation in fall recruiting
  • Notifying the appropriate bar authorities

Students with questions regarding the contents of this Policy should contact Dean DeRosa, Associate Dean for Career Services & Employer Relations in the Career Services Office immediately.