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Thank You Notes

Within one or two days following your call-back interview, you should send a brief, but cordial, thank you note to the recruiting coordinator or your principal interviewer, to thank him or her for extending the time and courtesy to interview you. Express your continued interest in the organization, and provide any pertinent personal information about you which was not covered during the interview.

You do not need to send a thank you note to every lawyer with whom you spoke. If you do choose to send more than one, they should not be the same note. They will all end up in your file in the recruitment office, anyway.

  • Do not send any note unless it is very, very carefully proofread.
  • Thank you notes for on-campus or job fair (screening) interviews are not necessary.

If You Haven't HeardIf you do not hear about the status of your candidacy for an offer within a week after the interviewer indicated you would be notified, contact the recruiting administrator to inquire about whether they need any further information and when you might expect to receive a response. If you overlooked asking the “when will I hear from you?” question at the interview, you might contact the employer after two weeks have elapsed. You want to be sure that your file has not “fallen through the cracks,” and you want to get your continued interest in the position on record.