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Counseling Appointments

  • Typical sessions lasts 30 minutes. Mock interviews, also known as practice interviews, take between 45 minutes to an hour.
  • There are no limits on the number of counseling appointments you can make, and you are not assigned to a counselor.
  • Associate Dean for Student & Career Services, John DeRosa, Assistant Director of Career Services Jamie Canfield, and Assistant Director of Employer Relations Lyndsey Bullock primarily counsel students interested in careers in the private sector (e.g., law firms and corporations). To make an appointment with Dean DeRosa, Jamie Canfield, or Lyndsey Bullock email Lisa Carberry or call 607-255-5873.
  • Assistant Dean for Public Service, Akua Akyea, and Director of Public Service, Elizabeth Peck, specialize in counseling students pursuing careers which serve the public.To make an appointment with Dean Akyea or Liz, email Molly Brewton or call 607-255-1458.
  • The Career Services Office and Public Service Office are located on the first floor of the Law School (Room 144), beyond the student organization offices.

Prepare for your first appointment by considering:

  • Why did you come to law school?
  • What are your geographic preferences for this summer and for the long term?
  • What kind of work do you want to do? Read chapters of “Official Guide to Legal Specialities,” which describes various areas of practice. You will receive this book during our Career Services Orientation.
  • Do you have an old resume? Modify it for legal employers by reviewing a sample resume.