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Interview Scheduling/Cancellation

The Cornell Law School Fall Recruiting Program features thousands of interviews conducted in several different locations across the country, and all in a relatively short period of time. In order for the Program to run efficiently, and in a manner that generates the best return for students and employers alike, it is critical for all students to act responsibly and in good faith. This is particularly true in the area of scheduling and canceling interviews.

Please read the following carefully.
All students participating in Cornell Law School recruiting events are deemed to have (1) Read this Memorandum in full and (2) Agreed to abide by all policies stated herein.

2L Cancellation Policies

August Job Fair and OCIs:

  • Other than as specified below, students are not permitted to cancel interviews scheduled for the August Job Fair or any of our OCI events. Thus, when bidding, you should not bid on any employer with whom you would not be interested in meeting.
  • If a true emergency arises, students may be permitted to cancel interviews on a case by case basis. Obviously, it is impossible to precisely define all the situations which might be considered “true emergencies.” However, please note that careless scheduling will not be considered an emergency. For example, if a student schedules a callback with a firm in Washington DC on a day when that student has bid for and received on-campus interviews, the student will not be excused from those on-campus interviews, and the callback will need to be re-scheduled.
  • Students seeking permission to cancel interviews must do so by e-mailing Christina Price at Cancellation requests will not be accepted by phone or in person. Your e-mail must specify the date/location of your interview, employer name and the nature of the emergency. Your request will be considered and a decision sent to you as quickly as possible.

Regional Job Fairs (Boston, Chicago, Dallas, California, and Washington, DC)

  • As these events require participating students to travel while classes are in session, we provide students with the opportunity to review the results of the lottery for each event, and to cancel their participation if the lottery results do not appear to make the trip worthwhile.

You must cancel according to the following schedule:

Job Fair Must cancel before
Noon EST

Boston Job Fair July 22, 2014

 DC Job Fair
July 22, 2014
  • Note: The Atlanta and Miami Job Fairs are not administered by Cornell Law School. Cancellation deadline information is emailed directly to students when available.
  • 2L students who wish to cancel their participation in any regional job fairs may do so for any reason, provided they cancel by the deadline above.  To cancel, email   Once the deadline has passed, cancellations will only be permitted for true emergencies, and the guidelines described above will apply.
  • 2L students cannot cancel regional job fair interviews selectively under any circumstances; those who choose to attend are required to meet with all employers appearing on their schedules.

2Ls with Offers

  • In the event that a 2L student receives and accepts (a) an offer of summer employment or (b) an offer of permanent employment prior to or during the fall recruiting season, that student must cancel all further participation in all fall recruiting events.  However, receiving (but not accepting) a summer or permanent employment offer does not provide a basis for cancellation of interviews beyond what is permitted by the above rules.

3L Cancellation Policies

  • 3L students who have received an offer of permanent employment from their second summer employer may cancel participation in all future fall recruiting events at any time.
  • 3L students may cancel participation in one recruiting event while maintaining participation in another.
  • When attending an event, the 3L student must meet with all employers appearing on the student's schedule.  Selective cancellation for a single event is not permitted.

Non-Compliance with Policies

Non-compliance with the above policies will both limit the interviewing opportunities of your fellow students and waste interviewers' time. The consequences can be serious: students may be denied employment with employers of great interest to them, and/or employers may opt out of future recruiting programs here at Cornell.

The law school considers such non-compliance by any student to be unprofessional conduct, and reserves the right to impose sanctions including, but not limited to:

  • Requiring that letters of apology be sent to employers
  • Barring a student from further participation in fall recruiting
  • Notifying the appropriate bar authorities

Students with questions regarding the contents of this Policy should contact the Career Services Office immediately.