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Open Slots

Once we run the lottery for a particular fall recruiting event, some employers will have open interview slots left on their schedules. Interested students are free to claim these slots, but MUST follow these guidelines/procedures:

  • Once taken, open slot interviews cannot be canceled barring a true emergency. Before taking an open slot, give some thought to your schedule for the day. For example, if you receive five or six interviews on any given day through the lottery, don’t feel compelled to add any more unless the employer in question is one you really want to see. There is a lot to be said for having some “breathing room” built into your schedule.
  • Open slots for the August Job Fair will be posted on Symplicity beginning at Noon EST on Monday, July 20th. NOTE – open slots become available throughout the summer for a variety of reasons. Thus, the list of open slots posted on the 20th will be updated on a rolling basis throughout July and early August. Thus, you should check this list regularly.
  • Beginning at Noon EST on the 17th, students may claim ONE open slot per day of the August Job Fair.  As noted above, open slots with different employers will become available on a rolling (and unpredictable) basis. So, be a bit selective. If you take four open slots for the AJF right away on the 17th, that’s fine, but you cannot cancel any of them should a slot open up later that you would prefer.
  • Open slots must be taken through Symplicity. Requests will not be accepted in person, by phone or by email. Such request will be disregarded.
  • You cannot request open slots in advance.  For example, a request such as this one will not be honored, “If a slot with the law firm of Smith & Jones opens up at 10:00 am on Wednesday, I would like to have it.”
  • Open slots will be awarded on a first come, first served basis, based upon who logs into Symplicity and takes it. As soon as you take an open slot it will appear on your interview schedule.
  • The open slot process for all other job fairs and OCIs will follow a similar pattern; details will be emailed to students over the summer.