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Reciprocity for Cornellians

Reciprocity for Cornell Law Students and Graduates

If you are not currently living in the Ithaca area, accessing some resources in the Cornell Career Services Office may be difficult. However, a law school located closer to where you live may allow you to use many of its career office services through an agreement called “Reciprocity.” Cornell has agreed to let other law schools’ students and alumni use our resources in exchange for similar privileges for our students and graduates at law schools across the nation.

To take advantage of the services provided by a local law school, you should first check to see the parameters of the reciprocity services provided there. Note that many law schools suspend their reciprocity services from August through October each year, as that is the busiest time of year in all law school career services offices. Visit NALP to view the reciprocity policy of the law school in which you have interest.

Email Lisa Carberry to request reciprocity. She will communicate with the other law school on your behalf and contact you when you have been approved.