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Conference on Empirical Legal Studies 2008

Final Program


Friday, September 12, 7:30 – 9:00 a.m.

Registration & Continental Breakfast  – Carrier Ballroom Foyer

Friday 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.


(presenting author in bold)



       Law and Psychology 1          Chair: Steven Ceci        

Room: Amphitheatre

Dan M. Kahan

David Hoffman

Don Braman

Whose Eyes are You Going to Believe? Scott v. Harris and the Perils of

Cognitive Illiberalism

Neal Feigenson

Dan Simon

Doug Stenstrom

Steven J. Read

Adversarial Investigations: An Experiment

Rebecca Hollander-Blumoff

Cheryl Boudreau

Mathew D. McCubbins*

Competition in the Courtroom: Experiments on Adversarial Competition,
Juror Sophistication, and Decision Difficulty

David Dunning

Courts & Judges 1                  Chair: Gregory Sisk        

Room: Yale

Marcus E.  Hendershot

From Consent to Advice and Consent: Cyclical Constraints within the District Court
Appointment Process.

Christopher Zorn

Clare Leaver

Jordi Blanes i Vidal

Pandering Judges?

Christina Boyd

Bert Huang

Measuring Judicial Discretion

Wendy Martinek

Medical Malpractice             Chair: Jill Horwitz          

Room: Princeton

Ronen Avraham

Max M. Schanzenbach

The Impact of Tort Reform on Intensity of Treatment: Evidence from the Heart Patients

David Hyman

Gia Lee

Eric Helland

Bargaining in the Shadow of the Website: Disclosure's Impact on Litigation Behavior

Jennifer Arlen

Neil Vidmar

Mirya R. Holman

Paul Lee

Trends in Medical Malpractice Litigation: Claims Arising from Surgical Treatment
in Physicians' Offices

Stephan Landsman

                   CEO Salaries                      Chair: Fred Tung                              

Room: Pennsylvania

Antonio Falato

Superstars or Superlemons? Top Executive Pay and Corporate Acquisitions

Kate Litvak

Martijn Cremers

Yaniv Grinstein

The Market for CEO Talent: Implications for CEO Compensation

Eric Talley

Sonali Hazarika

Jonathan M. Karpoff

Rajarishi Nahata

Earnings Management and Forced CEO Turnover: Empirical Evidence

Yair Listokin*

                Tax                                        Chair: Nancy Staudt                  

Room: Dartmouth

Daniel M. Schneider

Use of Judicial Doctrines in Federal Tax Cases Decided by Trial Courts, 1993-2006:
A Quantitative Assessment

Ahmed Taha

Jon Bakija

Bradley T. Heim

How Does Charitable Giving Respond to Incentives and Income? Dynamic Panel
Estimates Accounting for Predictable Changes in Taxation

Dorothy Brown

Lily L. Batchelder

Surachai Khitatrakun

Dead or Alive: An Investigation of the Incidence of Estate and Inheritance Taxes

Alex Raskolnikov

Securities Regulation 1         Chair: Charles Whitehead               

Room: Taylor

Roberta Romano

The Uncertain Future of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Robert Thompson

Minor Myers

The Decisions of Corporate Special Litigation Committees: An Empirical Investigation

Deborah DeMott*

M. Todd Henderson

Alan D. Jagolinzer

Karl A. Muller

Rule 10b5-1 Trading Plan Disclosure Choice

Anup Agrawal

           Bankruptcy 1                      Chair: Richard Scheelings                  

Room: Columbia

Amanda E. Dawsey

Richard M. Hynes

Lawrence M.  Ausubel

The Regulation of Non-Judicial Debt Collection and the Consumer's Choice Among
Repayment, Bankruptcy and Informal Bankruptcy

Stephen J. Lubben

Koen J.L. Schoors

Peter Coussement

Bart Leyman

Court-Supervised Restructuring: Pre-Bankruptcy Dynamics, Debt Structure
and Debt Rescheduling

Joshua Goodman

Robert M. Lawless

Who are the Self-Employed in Bankruptcy?

John Armour

Friday 11:15 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.

Law & Society                   Chair: Laura Beth Neilsen                

Room: Princeton

Tom Tyler

Jeffrey Fagan

Legitimacy and Cooperation: Why do People Help the Police Fight
Crime in their Communities?

Tracey Meares*

Herbert M. Kritzer*

Robert E. Drechsel

Reporting Civil Litigation on Local Television News

Neil Vidmar

James L. Gibson

'New-Style' Judicial Campaigns and the Legitimacy of State High Courts:
Results from a National Survey

Dawn Chutkow

Criminal Law & Procedure 1: Sentencing     Chair: Thomas Cohen   

Room: Pennsylvania

Fred Cheesman

Nicole L. Waters

Who Gets a Second Chance? An Investigation of Ohio's Blended Juvenile Sentence

Joe Cecil

John F. Pfaff

The Myths and Realities of Correctional Severity: Evidence from the
National Corrections Reporting Program on Sentencing Practices

J.J. Prescott

Hashem Dezhbakhsh

Paul H. Rubin

From the 'Econometrics of Capital Punishment' to the 'Capital Punishment' of
Econometrics: On the Use and Abuse of Sensitivity Analysis

Justin Wolfers

Litigation 1                          Chair: Randall Kiser                  

Room: Yale

Christopher R. Drahozal

Quentin R. Wittrock

Is There a Flight from Arbitration?

Pauline Kim

Paulo Eduardo Alves Silva

Invisible Power: The Brazilian Judicial Bureaucracy - A Study of Cases
in Registry Offices

Peter Lewisch

Yuval Feldman

Tom Tyler

Mandated Justice: The Potential Promise and Possible Pitfalls of Mandating
Procedural Justice

Linda Demaine

Law & Psychology 2: Family Law     Chair: Cynthia Grant Bowman      

Room: Dartmouth

Elizabeth Carol Ahern

Thomas D. Lyon

Jodi Quas

Lindsay Malloy

Non-Maltreated and Maltreated Children's Attitudes about Transgression Secrecy:
Parents vs. Strangers

Molly Walker-Wilson

Eve Brank

Lindsey Wylie

Assuming Elder Care Responsibility: Am I a Caregiver?

Elizabeth Peters*

Robert MacCoun

Ira Mark Ellman

Sanford L. Braver

Converting Sentiments to Dollars: Scaling and Incommensurability Problems
in the Evaluation of Child Support Payments

Richard Lempert*

Corporate Governance 1: Directors       Chair: Robert Hockett          

Room: Amphitheatre

Anup Agrawal

Mark Chen

Boardroom Brawls: An Empirical Analysis of Disputes Involving Directors

Mark Ramseyer

Stephen J. Choi*

Jill E. Fisch

Marcel Kahan

Director Elections and the Influence of Proxy Advisors

Cindy Alexander

Ronald W. Masulis

H. Shawn Mobbs

Are All Inside Directors the Same? CEO Entrenchment or Board Enhancement

Peter Huang

Securities Regulation 2                        Chair: Barbara Black                 

Room: Taylor

Vladimir A. Atanasov

Vladimir Ivanov

Kate Litvak

The Effect of Litigation on Venture Capitalist Reputation

Charles Whitehead*

Douglas J. Cumming

Capital Flows and Hedge Fund Regulation

Henry Hu

John Armour

Bernard S. Black

Brian R. Cheffins

Richard C. Nolan

Private Enforcement of Corporate Law: An Empirical Comparison of the US and UK

Robert Thompson

Bankruptcy 2                             Chair: Zev Eigen                         

Room: Columbia

Jeremy Bruce Tobacman

Paige Marta Skiba

Do Payday Loans Cause Bankruptcy?

Edward Morrison*

Bertrand Chopard

Jean-Daniel Guigou

Agnès Fimayer

Régis Blazy

Financial Versus Social Efficiency of Corporate Bankruptcy Law:
The French Dilemma?

Karin Thorburn

Adam Levitin

Joshua Goodman

Mortgage Market Sensitivity to Bankruptcy Modification

Ronald Mann*

Friday 1:15 -2:15 p.m.

Boxed lunch – Carrier Ballroom Foyer

Ballroom A: Roundtable discussion on Funding for Empirical Legal Studies

Moderator: Michael Heise, Professor,  Cornell Law School

Thomas Cohen, Bureau of Justice Statistics

Ann Gallagher, Senior Research Scientist, Law School Admission Council

Susan Haire, Program Director, Law and Social Science Program, National Science Foundation

Friday 2:15 - 4:15 p.m.

                   Litigation  2                         Chair: Tina Nabatchi                   

Room: Taylor

Michael G. Faure      

N.J. Philipsen

Fees for Claim Settlement in the Field of Personal Injury: Empirical Evidence
from the Netherlands

Bert Kritzer*

Pauline T. Kim

Deliberation and Strategy on the United States Courts of Appeals:
An Empirical Exploration of Panel Effects

Katherine Barnes

Nancy Christine Staudt

If Major Wars Affect (Judicial) Fiscal Policy, How & Why?

Bob Green*

                  Corporate Governance 2          Chair: Kate Litvak                   

                                                    Room: Yale

Ronald W. Masulis

Cong Wang

Fei Xie

Agency Problems at Dual-Class Companies

Fred Tung

Jens C. Dammann

Matthias Schundein

Where are Limited Liability Companies Formed? An Empirical Analysis

Roberta Romano

Haresh Sapra

Ajay Subramanian

Krishnamurthy Subramanian

Corporate Governance and Innovation: Theory and Evidence

Robert Hockett

International & Comparative Law    Chair: Jens Ohlin                

Room: Columbia

Galit A. Sarfaty*

Why Culture Matters in International Institutions: The Marginality of Human Rights
at the World Bank

Chantal Thomas

Asif Efrat

Regulating Rifles: International Control of the Small Arms Trade

Susan Franck*

John Hagan

Sanja Kutnjak Ivkovich*

The Political Economy of Genocide Intervention: Structural

Conditionality, Collective Command Responsibility, and the Former Yugoslavia

Muna Ndulo

Securities Regulation 3                     Chair: Peter Huang                

Room: Princeton

Mahendrarajah Nimalendran

Lori Sue Walsh

Cindy R. Alexander

The Informational Value of U.S. Securities Registration: Evidence from Secondary Public Offerings

Merritt Fox

Sean J. Griffith

Tom Baker

How the Merits Matter: D&O Insurance and Securities Settlements

Peter Oh

Alicia Davis Evans

Are Investors' Gains and Losses from Securities Fraud Equal Over Time?
Some Preliminary Evidence

Daniel E. Ho

Law and Finance              Chair: Josh Teitelbaum          

Room: Pennsylvania

Cecile Carpentier

Douglas J. Cumming

Jean-Marc Suret

The Value of Capital Market Regulation and Certification:
IPOs versus Reverse Mergers

Bernard S. Black

Viral V. Acharya

Yakov Amihud

Lubomir P. Litov

Creditor Rights and Corporate Risk-Taking

M. Todd Henderson

Yaxuan Qi

Lukas Roth

John K. Wald

Political Rights and the Cost of Debt

Tim Swanson

                   Criminal Law & Procedure 2: The Death Penalty

               Chair: Stephen Garvey         Room: Amphitheatre

Katherine Y. Barnes

David Sloss*

Stephen C. Thaman

Life and Death Decisions: Prosecutorial Discretion and Capital
Punishment in Missouri

Sheri Lynn Johnson*

John Blume

Sheri Lynn Johnson

Ted Eisenberg

Valerie P. Hans

The Death Penalty in Delaware

Mona Lynch

Daniel L. Chen

John J. Horton

The Deterrent Effect of Death Penalty: Evidence from British Commutations
During World War I

Jeffrey Fagan

Property and Contracts          Chair: Emily Sherwin              

Room: Dartmouth

Yun-chien Chang

An Empirical Study of Takings Compensation Settlements:
New York City 1990 - 2002

Jeremy Blumenthal

Eric A. Kades

A Positive Theory of Eminent Domain

Eduardo Peñalver

Claudia M. Landeo

Kathryn Spier

Naked Exclusion: An Experimental Study of Contracts with Externalities

David Hoffman

Friday 4:30 - 5:50 p.m.

Employment Law                         Chair: Rafael Pardo              

Room: Pennsylvania

Alison Morantz

Rethinking the Great Compromise: What Happens When Large Companies
Opt Out of Workers Compensation?

Zev Eigen

Samuel Estreicher

Kristina Yost

Measuring the Value of Class and Collective Action Employment Settlements:
A Preliminary Assessment

Stewart Schwab*

Intellectual Property                  Chair: Brett Frischmann              

Room: Dartmouth

Paul J. Heald

Testing the Over- and Under-Exploitation Hypotheses:
Bestselling Musical Compositions (1913-32) and Their Use in Cinema (1968-2007)

Jay Kesan

Dave Schwartz

Practice Makes Perfect? An Empirical Study of Claim Construction Reversal
Rates in Patent Cases

Oskar Liivak

Criminal Law & Procedure 3            Chair: John Blume             

Room: Yale

Thomas H. Cohen

Commercial Surety Bail and the Problem of Missed Court Appearances
and Pretrial Detention

Sanja Kutnjak Ivkovich*

David S. Abrams

Albert Yoon

Understanding High Skill Worker Productivity Using Random Case Assignment
in a Public Defender's Office

Robert L. Nelson

Empirical Studies of Gender 1         Chair: Molly Walker Wilson        

Room: Princeton

Malcolm M. Feeley

Hadar Aviram

Where Have All the Women Gone? The Decline of Women in the Criminal Justice Process

Sherry Colb

Brian Rowe

Gender Bias in the Enforcement of Traffic Laws: Evidence Based
on a New Empirical Test

Alexia Brunet

Legal Profession                         Chair: Bert Kritzer                   

Room: Columbia

Katherine Y. Barnes

Elizabeth Ellen Mertz

Sandy Longworth

Is it Fair? Law Professors' Perceptions of Tenure

Jennifer Robbennolt*

William D. Henderson

Arthur S. Alderson

The Changing Economic Geography of Large U.S. Law Firms

Brad Wendel

Corporate Governance 3             Chair: Roberta Romano        

Room: Taylor

Helen M. Bowers

William R. Latham

Bogdan Nedanov

Does Legally Mandating Independence of Advisers Improve Merger
Outcomes for Shareholders?

Vladimir Atanasov

Andrew Ellul

Marco Pagano

Fausto Panunzi

Inheritance Law and Investment in Family Firms

Erica Gorga

Bankruptcy 3              Chair: Florencia Marotta-Wurgler     

Room: Amphitheatre

Stephen J. Lubben

The Types of Chapter 11 Cases

Richard Hynes

Raphael W. Bostic

Patricia Ann McCoy

Anthony N. Pennington-Cross

Susan M. Wachter

Kathleen Engel*

The Impact of State Anti-Predatory Lending Laws: Policy Implications and Insights

Michael Waldman*

Friday 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. 

Poster Session Reception – Terrace Lounge & Restaurant



Ronald Jay Allen

Alexia Brunet

To Tow or Not to Tow: The Deterrence Effect of a Municipal Ordinance

Rafael I. Pardo

Michelle R. Lacey

Anatomy of an Adversary Proceeding: An Empirical Study of Undue Hardship Discharge Litigation

John Hagedoorn

Geerte Hesen

Contractual Complexity and the Cognitive Load of R&D Alliance Contracts

Shmuel I. Becher

Esther Unger-Aviram

Myth and Reality in Consumer Contracting Behavior

Edward K. Cheng

Specialist Judges

Jonathan P. Kastellec

Panel Composition and Voting on the U.S. Courts of Appeals Over Time

Daniel Martin Katz

Derek K. Stafford

Hustle and Flow: A Social Network Analysis of the American Federal Judiciary

Pamela C. Corley

Artemus Ward

Amy Steigerwalt

Deciding to Agree: Explaining Consensual Behavior on the United States Supreme Court

Jennifer Barnes Bowie

Do Federal Circuit Courts of Appeals Judges Fear Reversal from the Supreme Court?

Yonatan Lupu

James H. Fowler

Where Do Legal Opinions Come from? Strategic Opinion Writing on the Supreme Court

Lisa Blomgren Bingham

Tina Nabatchi

Jeffrey M. Senger

Michael Scott Jackman

Dispute Resolution and the Vanishing Trial: Comparing Federal Government Litigation and ADR Outcomes

Jay P. Kesan

Andres Gallo

Pondering the Politics of Private Procedures: The Case of ICANN

Donna M. Gitter

Should the United States Designate Specialist Patent Trial Judges?
An Analysis of H.R. 34 in Light of the U.K. Experience

Peter B. Oh

Lifting v. Piercing

Robert Hume

Judicial Oversight of the Implementation of Federal Administrative Cases: What Happens
When Decisions Come Back after Remands

Aman Liev McLeod

The Red-Blue Divide on the Bench: An Examination of the Effects of Selection Systems on
Partisan Divisions in State Supreme Court Decisions

Zev Eigen

The Devil in the Details: The Interrelationship among Citizenship, Rule of Law and Form-Adhesive Contracts

Shauhin A. Talesh

The Legislature, 'Lemons,' and Legal Endogeneity: How Manufacturers Force Consumers
to 'Holster' Consumer Warranty Protection Law 'Weapons'

Baillie Aaron

The Effect of Race-Crime Typicality on Judicial Sentencing Decisions

Mihir A. Desai

Dhammika Dharmapala

Taxes and Portfolio Choice: Evidence from JGTRRA's Treatment of International Dividends

Thomas A. Eaton

David B. Mustard

Tort Litigation in Georgia : 2004-06

Thomas Brennan

Cash-Flow and Market Response to Repatriation

Jill Gross

Barbara Black

When Perception Changes Reality: An Empirical Study of Investors'
Views of the Fairness of Securities Arbitration

Elizabeth Nowicki

Reverse Termination Fee Provisions in Acquisition


Thomas Straub

Georges A. Cavalier

Mergers and Acquisitions Comparative Economic Analysis of Laws: France vs USA

7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Dinner - The Carrier Ballroom

Welcoming Remarks: Stewart J. Schwab, The Allan R. Tessler Dean and Professor of Law, Cornell Law School

Keynote Speaker: Lee Epstein, Henry Wade Rogers Professor, Northwestern University (Introduced by Valerie Hans, Professor, Cornell Law School)

Title:  "Exxon Shipping, Footnote 17"


Saturday, September 13, 7:30 – 9:00 a.m.

Continental Breakfast – Carrier Ballroom Foyer

Saturday 8:00 – 9:00 a.m.

Ballroom A: Breakfast roundtable discussion among directors of empirical legal studies efforts in law schools; all conference participants are welcome to attend.

Moderator: Valerie Hans, Professor, Cornell Law School

Participants: Joseph Doherty, Director, Empirical Research Group, UCLA School of Law

Jeffrey Rachlinski, Director, Empirical Legal Studies, Cornell Law School

Pauline Kim & Margo Schlanger, Center for Empirical Research in the Law, Washington University in St. Louis School of Law

Saturday 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.


(presenting author in bold)



The U.S. Supreme Court                  Chair: Robert Hume         

Room: Pennsylvania

Gregory A. Caldeira

John R. Wright

Christopher J. Zorn

A Unified Model of Supreme Court Voting

Josh Chafetz

Jeffrey R. Lax

Kelly T. Radar

Bargaining Power on the Supreme Court

Stephanie Lindquist

Jeff L. Yates

Elizabeth Coggins

The Intersection of Judicial Attitudes and Litigant Selection Theories:
Explaining U.S. Supreme Court Decision Making

Kevin Clermont*

Litigation 3                    Chair: Jennifer Arlen     

Room: Princeton

Steven Garber

Michael Greenberg

Hilary Rhodes

xiaohui zhuo

John L. Adams

Do Non-Economic Damages Caps and Attorney Fee Limits Reduce Access
to Justice for Victims of Medical Negligence?

Catherine Sharkey*

David A. Hyman

Bernard S. Black

Charles M. Silver

The Effects of Pretrial Process Reform: Evidence from Texas Medical Malpractice Cases

Jill Horwitz

Maximo Langer

Joseph W. Doherty

Why did the Managerial Reforms at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia not Achieve their Purpose? The Bureaucratization Effect in Procedural and Judicial Reform

Muna Ndulo

Law & Psychology 3              Chair: Jennifer Robbennolt             

Room: Yale

Ilya Beylin

Anup Malani

Finding Love in the Wreckage: Estimating Spousal Altruism with
Data on Fatal Car Accidents

John Darley

Elizabeth Mullen

Janice Nadler

Moral Spillovers: The Effect of Moral Violations on Deviant Behavior

Valerie Reyna

Mary R. Rose

Shari S. Diamond

Kimberly M. Baker

Goffman on the Jury: Real Jurors' Attention to the 'Off Stage' of Trials

Kevin Jon Heller

Criminal Law & Procedure 4: Deterrence     Chair: John Pfaff      

Room: Dartmouth

Robert MacCoun

Rosalie Liccardo Pacula

Jamie F. Chriqui

Katherine M. Harris

Peter H. Reuter

Do Citizens Know Whether Their State Has Decriminalized Marijuana?
A Test of the Perceptual Assumption in Deterrence Theory

Tom Tyler

Emily Greene Owens

Shawn D. Bushway

Framing Punishment: A New Look at Deterrence

Kenworthy Bilz

J.J. Prescott

Jonah E. Rockoff

Do Sex Offender Registration and Notification Laws Affect Criminal Behavior?

Edward Cheng

    Courts & Judges 2: Judicial Ideology    

Chair: Jonathan Kastellec     Room: Columbia

Anna Harvey

What Makes a Judgment 'Liberal'? Coding Bias in the United States
Supreme Court Judicial Database

Carolyn Shapiro

Joshua B. Fischman

David S. Law

What Is Judicial Ideology, and How Do We Measure it?

Gregory Sisk

Michael Bailey

Forrest Maltzman

Does Legal Doctrine Matter? Unpacking Law and Policy Preferences
on the U.S. Supreme Court

Pam Corley

International Corporate & Securities     Chair: Jens Dammann             

Room: Taylor

Dhammika Dharmapala

Vikramaditya S. Khanna

Corporate Governance, Enforcement, and Firm Value: Evidence from India

Jay Dahya

Tim Swanson

On the Looting of Nations

Robert Hockett

Erica Gorga

Changing the Paradigm of Stock Ownership: From Concentrated Towards
Dispersed Ownership? Evidence from Brazil and Consequences for Emerging Countries

Vikramaditya S. Khanna

Personal Finance             Chair: Theodore Eisenberg      

Room: Amphitheatre

Michael S. Barr*

Financial Services, Savings and Borrowing Among Low- and Moderate-Income
Households: Evidence from the Detroit Area Household Financial Services Survey

Geoffrey Miller

Scott Hankins

Mark L. Hoekstra

Paige Marta Skiba

"The Ticket to Easy Street? The Financial Consequences of Winning the Lottery"

Robert Frank*

Michael S. Barr

Jane K. Dokko

Benjamin J. Keys

Borrowing in the Alternative Financial Services Market

Florencia Marotta-Wurgler

Saturday 11:15 a.m. - 12:35 p.m.

Empirical Studies of Race     Chair: Barbara Holden-Smith       

Room: Columbia

Kareem U. Crayton

The Changing Face of the Congressional Black Caucus

Gregory Parks*

Jeff L. Yates

Andrew B. Whitford

Race in the War on Drugs: The Social Consequences of Presidential Rhetoric

Jeannine Bell

Criminal Law & Procedure 5         Chair: Glenn Galbreath             

Room: Yale

Brandon L. Garrett

J.J. Prescott

Litigation by the Innocent over Time

Nancy J. King

Kong-Pin Chen
Kuo-Chang Huang
Chang-Ching Lin

Does the Type of Criminal Defense Counsel Affect Case Outcomes? A Natural Experiment in Taiwan

Sam Gross*

Employment Discrimination             Chair: Angela Cornell     

Room: Pennsylvania

Laura Beth Nielsen

Robert L. Nelson

Ryon Lancaster

Uncertain Justice: Litigating Claims of Employment Discrimination in the
Contemporary United States

Margo Schlanger

Sean Farhang

Private Litigants, the Administrative State, and Enforcement of Employment
Discrimination Laws

Elizabeth Hirsh

Empirical Research on Rights         Chair: Bernie Meyler           

Room: Dartmouth

Sharon L. Tennyson

Dean Lueck

Rick Geddes

Human Capital Accumulation and the Expansion of Women's Property Rights

Cynthia Bowman

Jeffrey K. Staton

Christopher M. Reenock

Marius Radean

Legal Institutions and the Democratic Order

Cheryl Boudreau

Corporate Governance 4               Chair: Chris Wonnell           

Room: Taylor

Fabrizio Ferri

Yonca Ertimur

Stephen Stubben

Board of Directors' Responsiveness to Shareholders: Evidence from

Shareholder Proposals

Jens Dammann

Anita I. Anand

Edward M. Iacobucci

An Empirical Examination of the Governance Choices of Income Trusts

Josh Teitelbaum

Judicial Interpretation                   Chair: Edward Cheng           

Room: Princeton

David S. Law

David T. Zaring

When is Legislative History Used Innocently?

Michael Dorf

Anthony Niblett

Richard A. Posner

Andrei Schleifer

The Evolution of a Legal Rule

Tom Ulen