RegulationRoom to Appear in 2016 Civic Media Project Publication

CeRI eGovernment Fellow Cheryl Blake and former Post-doctoral Fellow Dmitry Epstein, Assistant Professor in Communications at the University of Illinois, Chicago, will have their Civic Media Project case study included in the upcoming print anthology, due out in 2016 by MIT Press.  The case study, one of a select few chosen for publication, details the work of CeRI (the Cornell e-Rulemaking Initiative) through the RegulationRoom platform.

The forthcoming anthology, Civic Media: Technology, Design, Practice, will feature contributions from leading international scholars exploring the intersection of media and civic life.  The book is anchored by a vision to better understand how digital media are fundamentally advancing or threatening the capacity of citizens across politics, activism, education, art, health, expression, games, and society writ large.

The goal of this collection will be to reach across traditional disciplines, including sociology, policy, urban planning, political philosophy, computer science, communications and art, to identify an emerging field of knowledge and practice that has shared problems, methodologies and theories.