Brittany Laughlin

Adjunct Professor of Law, Cornell Tech
Contact Information
Cornell Tech
2 West Loop Rd.
New York, NY 10044


Professional Biography

Brittany Laughlin is the Managing Director of the Stacks Foundation. She's spent the last decade working at the intersection of community, capital, and internet collaboration.

Over the past five years she's worked in the blockchain industry as an operator and venture investor. Most recently working at Blockstack PBC to help conduct the first US-qualified Reg A offering, grow the Blockstack ecosystem in Asia, and create partnerships to further access to STX.

Prior to joining Blockstack PBC, Laughlin worked at Union Square Ventures. She got involved in the development of Web 3 through work with Coinbase, Blockstack, IPFS, Mediachain, and OpenBazaar. In 2016, Laughlin co-founded her own VC firm, Lattice Ventures, which focused on network effect businesses. Lattice Ventures is in investor in a number of blockchain companies, including Blockstack, Filecoin, SOV Global, and Stronghold.

Laughlin's previous work MongoDB, StackOverflow, Twilio, and Firebase provide great lessons for supporting Blockstack's open-source technology and developer communities.

Laughlin is an adjunct professor at Cornell Law School, teaching about blockchain. A serial entrepreneur, she's built 3 companies, including gtrot which sold to Groupon.