Dae Un Hong

Adjunct Professor of Law
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Cornell Law School
Myron Taylor Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-4901

Email: dh632@cornell.edu

Amanda Gallagher
Cornell Law School
249 Hughes Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-4901
Email: asg274@cornell.edu

Professional Biography

Dae Un Hong teaches "Law and Society in North Korea" at Cornell Law School. He also teaches and practices law in Seoul, South Korea.

Dr. Hong completed his doctorate at Cornell Law School under the supervision of Prof. Muna Ndulo (with a dissertation titled "Economic Crimes in North Korea: Changes and Continuities'') and has published articles in both U.S. and South Korean journals, including "Intellectual Property Law in North Korea: What is happening to one of the most capitalistic laws in the most socialistic country?", University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law Online and "Amicable Ties Between North Korea and WIPO: A Model for Constructive Engagement?", Columbia Journal of International Affairs Online. He is currently admitted to practice in the District of Columbia and South Korea.

B.A., Seoul National University (South Korea), 2007
LL.M., School of Law, Northwestern University, 2011
J.D., School of Law, Hanyang University (South Korea), 2013
LL.M., Cornell Law School, 2016
J.S.D., Cornell Law School, 2019