Bruce R. Bryan

Adjunct Professor of Law
Bruce Bryan
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Professional Biography

Bruce R. Bryan, is an appellate attorney in Syracuse, NY, representing clients in civil and criminal appeals before the Supreme Court, federal, and state courts. He has also successfully advocated for the enactment of legislation in Congress to require testing of all newborn infants for hearing impairment, thereby reducing or eliminating the disability.

Professor Bryan authored A Guide To Criminal Appeals in New York (2005), The Battle Between Mens Rea and the Public Welfare (1995) and The Constitutional Rights of Non-Resident Aliens Prosecuted in the United States (1980).

He began his career on Wall Street as Associate General Counsel to First Investors Corporation and then practiced as trial and appellate counsel to Moyle, Flannigan, Kate, Fitzgerald & Sheehan in West Palm Beach, FL.

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B.A. 1977, State University of New York at Stony Brook
J.D. 1980, Fordham University, School of Law