Financial Services Short

Account Management


An account is identified by its unique seven digits with an option of an additional five digit sub account. (e.g., L013104 XYZ99)

An object code is the four-digit code required in each transaction to identify a specific type of transaction and classify the financial activity as income, expense, asset, liability, or fund balance. (e.g., 6550 - office supplies)  For a listing of the most commonly used object codes in the Law School, click here.

The following are some frequently used account numbers within the Law School:

  • Faculty Support - L013102 - This account is used for expenses associated with teaching and includes charges for things such as course materials, travel for guest lecturers, or student wages for teaching assistants.
  • Faculty Research - L013104 with faculty netID as the sub account.  These accounts receive an annual allocation and are for permanent and visiting faculty use for their research activities.  See the Faculty Research Allocation Spending Guidelines for additional detail regarding the use of these funds.
  • Student Entertainment - L013135 - This account is for faculty hosting a meal for their advisees or the students in their class, generally at the beginning or ending of the semesters.  Allotted funds will cover up to a year's total of $30 per advisee or student in a course.  Costs for student spouses (or spousal equivalents) will be reimbursed at the $30 limit up to 20% of the student count.

If there is ever a question as to what account and/or object code should be used, please contact the Director of Financial Reporting & Budget.


The ID&R Dashboard is a very robust, web based reporting system that is updated nightly.  The Account Award Portfolio dashboard provides a portfolio of financial information including account balances, summary data, and transaction detail.  To request access to a specific account please contact Diane Cross.

Detailed accounting information from FY11 and earlier can be found in WebFinancials.

If you need assistance in using these reporting tools, please contact the Director of Financial Reporting & Budget.