Financial Services Short



  • Cornell's e-procurement system, e-Shop is the preferred method for initiating an order for goods and services.  For suppliers enabled in this system, units must use e-Shop for all transactions with that supplier. (from Policy 3.25, Procurement of Good and Services)
  • e-Shop gives Cornell purchasers a one-stop, web based "shopping cart" for ordering a full range of goods and services.  This system makes it easy to shop with preferred and diverse suppliers, integrates financial systems, routes orders to FTC for processing and payment. 
  • e-Shoppers are staff with procurement as part of their responsibility in their position.  Access to the system requires attending an on-line webex training session and successfully completing a short test with an 80% or higher score.  For training information, pleas click here.

Procurement Card (P-card)

  • Based on expected usage and required roles, supervisors may request an application from Ricci Curren in the U&SA BSC.
  • Applicants who are approved to receive a procurement card must:
  1. Complete the p-card online tutorial
  2. Pass the tutorial exam (scoring at least 85% by answering 13 of the 15 questions correctly)
  3. Sign the "Cardholder Agreement" portion of the p-card applications
  4. Attach the e-mail confirmation generated by the exam to their signed agreement and return it to Credit Card Programs.
  • The p-card coordinator is required to report all violations according to policy including missing documentation, auto charges, prohibited transactions, or personal purchases to the FTC Director.
  • Violations of the p-card policy that will result in a minimum 60-day suspension are:
  1. Any instance of lending/sharing of a p-card, or
  2. More than two instances of the following "non-compliance"
  3. Prohibited transaction
  4. Splitting a transaction (including deposit payments), or
  5. Failure to submit adequate documentation, including a clear, detailed business purpose.
  • For the p-card transaction form, click here.
  • For a business meal p-card purchase, click here for the form.

For purchases greater than $500 or associated with group or guest travel, please contact Sherri Gaglianese or David Sayles for assistance.

Payment Request

  • Payment Requests are used for one-time charges when the purchase is made without the use of the P-card or a Purchase Order.
  • Submit a completed payment request form with substantiating documentation to the FTC for electronic submission.
  • Payment to a vendor must include an invoice detailing the purchase.
  • Reimbursement to an individual for expenses paid with personal funds requires a receipt as proof of purchase.
  • If the amount for an individual is less than $25, submit the form to the business office for reimbursement from petty cash.

Direct Charge

  • To make a direct charge at the campus store you need your University ID and a valid account number.  The receipt with the business purpose noted should be submitted to FTC, 341 Pine Tree Road, within 10 calendar days of the purchase.
  • We have a Wegman's card that allows faculty, staff, and students to shop at Wegman's without having to use personal funds.  The card can be signed out in Room 257 with an account number and business purpose.  The card along with the receipt should be returned to Room 257 within two business days of shopping.
  • We have a Statler Club card that allows faculty and staff to host meals at the Statler Hotel without having to use personal funds.  The card can be signed out in Room 257.  The card and receipt including a list of attendees, account to be charged, and business purpose should be returned to Room 257 within two business days of the event.