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Before you travel, please read the Cornell Law School Travel Tips.  The purpose of this document is to give the traveler and departmental staff a quick reference for handling work-related travel expenditures.  This is not intended to replace the University Travel Policy, but rather, to accompany it to help the traveler understand the basic procedures to obtain a travel advance or be reimbursed for travel expenses.  You should also read the University Travel Policy 3.2 which lists many important travel expense restrictions and several websites that contain per diem and other critical information.  It is important to be familiar with this policy so there are no non-reimbursable expenditures resulting in an unnecessary financial loss to the traveler.

General Guidelines

  • Reimbursement requests must be submitted and travel advances must be cleared within 30 days after returning from the trip.
  • If travel reimbursement is submitted after 6 months of returning, Richard Robinson, Associate Dean for Administration and Finance, must approve the trip reimbursement.  The traveler will need to send an e-mail detailing where, when, and the business purpose of the trip as well as why the reimbursement was submitted so late.
  • Detailed original receipts are required.
  • Procurement cards may not be used for travel.
  • Direct Deposit is available to employees for travel and other reimbursements.  Just complete the ACH Authorization Form and send to the Accounts Payable office as noted at the bottom of the form.  PLEASE NOTE: These ACH payments may only be deposited into a savings account.
  • The Law School has the following reimbursement restrictions:
  1. $75.00 individual meal limit for faculty and staff.
  2. NYS Sales Tax is not reimbursed unless the vendor does not accept the NYS tax exempt form and it is noted on the receipt. Forms are available from the Finance Business Center.
  3. $30.00 per day meal limit for student travel.
  4. Alcohol is not reimbursed for students.

Travel AdvanceThere are two options for obtaining a travel advance.

  1. Employees may use their US Bank Visa at any ATM.
  2. A Travel Advance Form should be used for travelers without a credit card.  (Please note that it takes up to 10 business days to process an advance, so please plan accordingly.)

Travel ReimbursementThere are two primary methods for travelers to arrange for reimbursement of travel expenses.

  1. Cornell employees with a NetID are expected to use the On-line Travel System.  For assistance, read the Trip Step-by-Step Process.
  2. Non-Cornell travelers, those without a NetID, must utilize the "hard copy" travel reimbursement process.  (Please note the traveler's signature on the form or an e-mail from the traveler with the attestation included is required.)