Clarke Program AR 2012_Short


On-Campus Outreach and Cross-Campus Collaboration:

One of the central missions of the Clarke Program is to foster a greater collaboration between Cornell Law School and other colleges, schools and units across the Cornell campus. Regardless of their major, undergraduate students are welcome to join our events and every year, more graduate students contribute to and benefit from the Clarke Program's commitment to graduate training and interdisciplinarity.

Chika Watanabe 

 "The opportunity to engage in conversations with people from different disciplines at the Clarke Program has been one of my most enriching experiences at Cornell."
-Chika Watanabe, Ph.D. candidate, Anthropology Department, Cornell University


Samson Lim 

 "The Clarke Program gave me the opportunity to interact with and learn from some of the leading legal studies scholars in the field. Participating in the Clarke Colloquium Series allowed me to get valuable feedback on my research from leading scholars working on Asian legal studies."
-Samson Lim, Ph.D. 11', History Department, Cornell University