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Colloquium Series

In the Clarke Program Colloquium Series, faculty, law students and senior graduate students meet over lunch to discuss works-in-progress on law and culture in East Asia. This informal setting encourages discussion, and the focus on new and cross-disciplinary research provides a nuanced view of Asian institutions and practices. Because these discussions constitute an integral part of two for-credit courses—the colloquium course and a seminar—the Colloquium Series offers a unique and appealing way for Cornell students to learn directly from prominent scholars and intellectuals about the legal culture of East Asia. The 2012 series was organized in conjunction with The Cornell Society for the Humanities year-long theme project on Risk. The series explored how the law and how states describe, produce and manage risk from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.

Annelise Riles, Fall 2012 Colloquium Series Haochen Sun, Professor of Law, University of Hong Kong; Deputy Director, Law and Technology Center, HKU; and Visiting Professor, University of California Davis, 2012 Long Han, Professor of Law, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, and Visiting Scholar, Cornell law School Yayo Okano, Professor, Graduate School of Global Studies, Doshisha University, Japan

FALL 2012 COLLOQUIUM SERIES: The Regulation and Management of Risk

Yayo Okano, Professor Graduate School of Global Studies, Doshisha University, Japan

"The Logic of Security/The Ethics of Care: From Japan at Risk"

Dongsheng Zang, Associate Professor of Law, Academic Director of Chinese Legal Studies University of Washing­ton School of Law

"China’s International Behavior: A Critique of Cultural Conception of Risk in International Politics"

Haochen Sun, Professor of Law at the University of Hong Kong and Deputy Director of the Law and Technology Center at HKU, a Visiting Professor University of California Davis Law School, fall 2012

"Can Louis Vuitton Dance with Hiphone? Rethinking the Idea of Social Justice in Intellectual Property Law"

Jacques deLisle, Professor of Law & Professor of Political Science; Director, Center for East Asian Studies, University of Pennsylvania

"Exceptional—and Ordinary—Powers in an Exceptional State: Patterns and Lessons from China’s Use of Law to Address Threats to Security and Order"

Hirokazu Miyazaki, Director East Asia Program, Associate Professor of Anthropology Cornell University

"Saving TEPCO: Risk, Trust and Financial Market Activism in Post-Fukushima Japan”

Han Long, Professor of Law, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Visiting Scholar Cornell Law School

"Legal Analysis of Accusations on the Renminbi Exchange Rate”

Xingzhong Yu, Professor of Law, Cornell Law School

"Judicial Risk and Assessment of Judges in China"