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Pre-Departure Requirements

Ask for an audit of credits and requirements
Necessary so students know the status of credits earned and requirements satisfied before studying abroad. The audit is a good opportunity to discuss how Cornell Law School will treat credits and specific courses taken at the host institution. Make an appointment with Dawne Peacock, Director, International Programs at

Assess financial aid needs
The Cornell Law School Financial Aid office may recommend adjustments to financial aid to cover expenses, fees and related costs, such as travel. Contact the Admissions and Financial Aid Office to schedule at time to meet and discuss your financial needs.

Cornell University travel registry
Cornell central administration requires that all student travelers complete and submit online forms at the travel registry website.

Travel registration
Travel registration is mandatory for all students. There are also several excellent resources on the travel registry site including pre-departure videos and pre-departure checklists which you should review. Please register your travel today if you have not already done so. When you have completed the online registration, you will receive email confirmation; please forward a copy of the confirmation to the International Programs Office,, immediately upon receipt.

Traveling to countries that are on the State Department's travel warning list
Students traveling to countries that are on the State Department's travel warning list or have been identified as high-risk by Cornell's insurance provider must apply for ITART Review in addition to registration. ITART approval must be attained prior to departure. The review process can take 6-8 weeks, so please make your application early. The University's current list of ITART countries is available on the ITART application page, available through a link on the Travel Registry website.

Before you travel
Review the pre-departure video on risk management abroad (Step #5 at the Travel Registry website). Be sure to print the required International SOS ID card for Cornell's emergency services vendor. Bring it, together with your Emergency Protocol and Procedure Form, with you when you travel.

Agreement Release
The Law School requires students traveling abroad to complete an Agreement Release form. As soon as possible, please complete the form and return it, via email, to International Programs at