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Admission, Tuition, and Financial Aid

Cornell Law School can admit into The Summer Law Institute only students at a United States law school who have completed at least one year of law studies and are in good standing, and whose law school is fully accredited by the American Bar Association or a state.

Enrollment is limited and early application is strongly encouraged.
Admissions decisions will be made on a going forward basis beginning in December 2008. There is not a program deadline for applications, which will be accepted as long as spaces remain available. Applications will not be considered for admission until the file is complete (see application for details).

The cost for the entire course will be $3,000. This includes:

  • Course tuition
  • Lodging in Suzhou
  • Course Materials
  • Planned opening and closing banquets

Financial Aid
Financial aid in the form of private loans through providers such as Law Loans or Law Access may be available to U.S. citizens or permanent residents attending American law schools.

Cornell Law School students should apply for these loans through the Law School Financial Aid Office.

Eligible students at other U.S. law schools should apply for loans through their home schools.

Consortium agreements are available from:
Cornell Law School
Financial Aid Office
240 Myron Taylor Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-4901