Alumni Short

Comments of Former Students

Wu Xueqin
Tsinghua University, NYU School of Law

“That students from different legal educations could work in small groups trying to solve disputes in transactions was the most interesting, although difficult, part for me.”

Alex Naegele
Golden Gate School of Law
“I enjoyed most about the Cornell Suzhou program the fact that so many people with different backgrounds and from different parts of the world were able to come together and work on a project in China. I believe this successfully represents what doing business or business law in China actually represents, and was very pleased to be able to take part in it. As an individual who hopes to someday do business in China, I found that partaking in the Cornell Suzhou program allowed me to make contacts and inroads that will further help me to pursue that goal.”

Melissa Potapova
University of Texas School of Law
“I absolutely loved the Suzhou program. I met so many wonderful people, and I'm still in touch with many of my friends in China. I loved that the program incorporated students from so many different regions, of such diverse backgrounds, and I really enjoyed getting to know everyone in my team, working together, and the cooperative atmosphere of the projects. I was so proud of my Chinese teammate who participated in the English moot court competition with me; it meant so much for her and she was so nervous, but everything went really well. I was so sad to leave, and wouldn't have changed a thing about my experience."

Cecelia R.S. Cannon

Cornell Law School
“The most satisfying part for me was creating a strong working relationship with the Chinese members of my team. It was challenging in some ways because of our different legal backgrounds, but we really had to learn to trust each other’s judgments. I loved the fact that when we were sitting in mock-negotiations, it was one of the Chinese students and I who were successfully working in unison as the lead negotiators. It really demonstrated that in real practice, you have to depend on your colleagues because each of you brings a different expertise to the table.”

Michael Barg
Cornell Law School
The Suzhou Summer Law Institute is a great learning opportunity because it gives students the chance to study practical legal problems and try to solve them directly. Unlike the academic approach of law school there is a direct focus on the client's goals, which will serve students well when they start practicing. It also gives students an introduction to some of the challenges they will face doing business in foreign countries, which is an increasingly vital part of the global economy.