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Housing and Total Cost

In Suzhou, students will be housed in rooms in the modern Dong Wu Hotel, operated by Soochow University and reserved for use by foreign students and faculty, or in the dormitory on the Soochow campus is reserved for foreign students. All rooms which will be used during the program are air-conditioned and have private baths. The Program encourages the sharing of rooms as this will afford more opportunities for the foreign students to interact with the Chinese law students.  However, private rooms are also available for those students who do not wish to for some reason. Three meals daily are served at the Dong Wu Hotel. Within easy walking distance of the hotel and the campus are numerous restaurants, tea houses and coffee shops where inexpensive, clean, tasteful meals are served.

Students should keep in mind that while much has changed in its economic development in the past 20 years, China is still a developing country, and its infrastructure in many areas are not at a level comparable to that of the developed world. This is part of the educational experience. Students who have special needs or concerns should contact the Program Administrator to discuss them before applying.

Accommodations for Persons with Disabilities
Every effort is made to accommodate persons with physical, medical and/or learning disabilities; however, Cornell Law School cannot ensure that the housing and classroom facilities used in the Summer Law Institute will meet the same standards for accessibility as do the facilities of the school’s campus in Ithaca, New York. Persons with disabilities that affect mobility should particularly note that Chinese cities such as Suzhou present significant barriers to mobility over which Cornell Law School has no control.

Anyone wishing to inquire about the accommodations for disabilities available in Suzhou is invited to contact:

The Summer Institute
(607) 255-2362
fax: (607) 255-7193

Estimate of Total Cost
Airfare is not included in the tuition. In addition, the cost of visas, health insurance,  as well as meals in Suzhou, are not included in the tuition.  We estimate that total cost for U.S. program participants will be in the range of $5,400-$6,000.