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International Trade and Development Law 2011


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1. Assignments for Guest Lectures by Nelson Ndirangu, July 21-22:

Thursday July 21: The African Group in the WTO
- Review the regional groupings at:
- Review the history of the Doha Cotton Proposals at:
- In the Supplementary Readings, review Robert Hudec, “Developing Countries in the GATT/WTO Legal System”

Friday July 22: TRIPS and Access to Medicines
- In the Document Supplement, review the Doha Decision on Public Health and the Decision on Paragraph 6 (DS120-125
- In the Supplementary Readings, review James Gathii, “Rights, Patents, Markets and the Global Aids Pandemic,” pp.307-333

Let the Doha Round be Buried

The AG in the WTO

TRIPS and Public Health