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Humboldt Universität zu Berlin Germany

The law faculty at Humboldt is the partner school for one of Cornell Law School’s joint degree programs, the J.D/M.LL.P. Humboldt also has been willing to accept Cornell students for a semester exchange in the Fall. This is an informal arrangement, however, and students should be prepared to comply with Humboldt’s procedures and application processes, either before departing for Germany or upon arrival in Berlin. Interested persons should contact Laura Spiz, Associate Dean International Affairs and Executive Director of the Clarke Center for International and Comparative Legal Studies.

Language of Instruction:

Founded in 1810, Humboldt is a public university, located on Unter den Linden Boulevard, in the center of Berlin. It is only minutes from the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag (Germany’s Parliament Building), as well as from vibrant new commercial districts that have been developed since 1989.

Academic Calendar:
The Fall semester typically begins in early October and lasts through mid-February. Students would have to be prepared to make individual arrangements for early examinations directly with their German instructors, in order to be back in Ithaca for the start of the Spring semester. These arrangements cannot be made by Cornell administrators on the student’s behalf.

Sample Courses:
The Humboldt Faculty of Law offers a one-semester program, “Grundkenntnisse des deutschen Rechts,” especially designed for foreign students. Visit the website (in German).

Further Information:
Visit the Humboldt University law faculty website (in German).