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Cornell Law School Participates in Development of New Open Access Legal Repository LawArXiv Ithaca, NEW YORK, May 24, 2017

Cornell Law School Library announced its role in the development of LawArXiv, a free, open access repository for legal scholarship, maintained and owned by legal scholars and law librarians for the benefit of the legal community.

Launched on May 8, LawArXiv was developed and is supported by a collaboration of the Legal Information Preservation Alliance (LIPA), the Mid American Law Libraries Consortium (MALLCO), NELLCO Library Consortium Inc. and the Cornell Law Library, which is also providing administrative and leadership support.

The venture will meet the current and changing needs of legal scholars and member institutions, provide open access to legal scholarship, and develop and execute a sustainable and flexible scholarly publication environment. The Center for Open Science (COS), funded by grants, serves as the technology partner for LawArXiv and hosts the platform through its Open Science Framework.

"Our partnership in the LawArxiv project is a reflection of Cornell Law School's deep and enduring commitment to open access principles, and the availability of legal information to all," said Femi Cadmus, Edward Cornell Law Librarian.

"The legal academy needs a truly open repository for legal scholarship, with a long-term commitment to the many communities it serves: scholars, students, lawyers, and the public. Now it has one, and we're proud to be at the forefront of this sustainable open-access movement," said James Grimmelmann, Cornell Tech and Law School Professor.

Users are encouraged to contact LawArXiv with questions, feedback, or comments, at

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