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Berger-ILJ Symposium

"Process and Procedure in WTO Dispute Settlement"

"Process and Procedure in WTO Dispute Settlement" is the title of the 2008 Berger/International Law Journal Sympsium being held April 4 and 5 at Cornell Law School. The goal of the Symposium is to achieve a deep, searching, and insightful analysis of the process and procedural aspects of the dispute settlement system in place at the World Trade Organization (WTO), with special emphasis on the role of the Appellate Body. The WTO’s adjudicatory function is an exceptional development in the international rule of law. Indeed, at present it is the only transnational judicial body whose authority is recognized by the United States. The Symposium will honor Professor Yasuhei Taniguchi, on the occasion of his retirement as the Japanese representative on the WTO Appellate Body. Professor Taniguchi is an alumnus of Cornell Law School, having earned his doctorate in law here in 1964. He will deliver the annual Stevens lecture on April 4, which will also serve as the keynote address for the Symposium.