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State Judicial Clerkships

June 2015 Judicial Clerkship Handbook
2014-15 Guide to State Judicial Clerkship Procedures
  • State-by-State Guide to Application Procedures and Deadlines
  • username balsam; password fir
  • Published by Vermont Law School
Insights and Inside Information for Select State Court Clerkships
  • To be used in conjunction with the 2012 Guide to State Judicial Clerkships (above)
  • Provides additional application information for selected states
Instructions for Requesting Hard-Copy and pdf Judicial Clerkship Recommendation Letters
  • Follow These Step-by-Step Instructions Each Time you Request Letters
  • Applies to Federal- and State-Court Applications.
New York State Court Opportunities
  • Information on New York state courts at all levels
  • Based on available resources and correspondence with court administrators, CLS alumni and former clerks
Mail-Merge Instructions
  • Use With Spreadsheets Created Using Symplicity Clerkship Module
  • Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Creates Individually Addressed Cover Letters
State TRIAL Court Application Strategy
  • Advice to Create Efficient Trial-Court Application Strategy
BNA's Directory of State and Federal Courts, Judges and Clerks
  • Best Resource for State Trial Court Addresses Available
  • Resource owned by Bloomberg Law.
  • If you don't have a Bloomberg Law account, sign up here.  (Students only; alumni contact Elizabeth K. Peck.)
  • Path: Law School Success>Career Resources
  • Directory is second selection on list
  • Click "Court Structures and Listing of Courts, Judges, and Clerks: State"
  • Use the "Jump To" link to find your state/county
Leadership Libraries (Yellow Books)
  • Phone, mail and email contact information for judges and their staff members
  • No username or password required if accessing on campus
  • Off-campus access, available only to current students: use this link and enter Cornell NetID and password
National Center for State Courts
  • State Court Web Site Links for Each State
  • Links to Relevant Articles by and About Judges
  • Provides Details About Judges' Dockets, Jury Verdicts and Settlements
  • Select Drop-Down Menu "Research" at Top Left
  • Select "Litigation Profile Suite"
  • Select "Judge" and Enter Name
Clerkships and International Students
  • NALP Article
  • Considers Visa Issues and Application Strategies