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Volume 51 Number 1

Winter 2018


Taking IHI, R2P and Legitimate Defense Seriously: North Korea as the Primary Consideration
Morse Tan

North Korean Illicit Activities and Sanctions: A National Security Dilemma
Dr. Bruce Bechtol

The 'Peace Treaty' as a U.S. Doctrinal Option and its Application to the DPRK: A Historical and Analytic Review
Eric Yong Joong Lee

North Korean Detention of U.S. Citizens: International Law Violations and Means for Recourse
Patricia Goedde & Andrew Wolman

Women's Rights in the DPRK: Discrepancies Between International and Domestic Legal Instruments in Promoting Women's Rights and the Reality Reflected by North Korean Defectors
Jina Yang


SEC Regulation of Initial Coin Offerings in the United States and Abroad
Julianna Debler

E-Hailing and Employment Rights in South Africa: The Case for an Employment Relationship Between Uber and its Drivers
Isaiah J. Marcano

The Unstoppable Intrusion: The Unique Effect of Online Harassment, and What the United States Can Ascertain from Other Countries' Attempts to Prevent It
Dylan E. Penza