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Volume 52 Number 1

Spring 2019



Transnational Feminism in the Context of Intimate Partner Violence in Ghana
Cynthia Grant Bowman

A (Feminist) Farewell to Arms: The Impact of the Peace Process with the FARC-EP on Columbian Feminism
Lina M. Céspedes-Báez

Migrating Marriage Equality Without Feminism: Obergefell v. Hodges and the Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage in Taiwan
Chao-ju Chen

The Feminist Expansion of the Prohibition of Torture: Towards a Post-Liberal International Human Rights Law?
Natalie R. Davidson

Constituationalizing Traveling Feminisms in Kenya
Nkatha Kabira

Transnational Legal Feminism: Surrogacy in India and the United States
Sital Kalantry

Feminist Approaches to the Regulation of Sex Work: Patterns in Transnational Governance Feminist Law Making
Hila Shamir