DPW Farewells & Welcomes

In December, we will be wishing a fond farewell to Sharon Pia Hickey, our Director of Research and Advocacy. Part of the Center’s founding staff since 2016, Sharon has been an invaluable member of our team and has played a pivotal role in shaping the Center’s mission. In June, we also bid farewell to Paulina Lucio Maymon, our 2018/19 Research Associate. We will miss them both dearly.

We are excited to welcome Laura Douglas as our new Associate Director of Research and Training. Prior to joining the Center, Laura worked for the Portland Metropolitan Public Defender office, clerked at the District Court of Puerto Rico, and worked at the International Criminal Court. We are also happy to introduce Joon Lee, our 2019/20 Research Associate; Rebecca Huertas, our new Research and Development Associate; and Diana Suciu and Zhen Yang, Legal Researchers.

DPW staff

Left to right: Laura Douglas, Joon Lee, Diana Suciu, Sharon Hickey, Zhen Yang