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Dorf Remains as Reigning Champion of the Faculty Pie Eating Contest Ithaca, NEW YORK, Nov 25, 2014

In the week before Thanksgiving, four brave and hungry participants, Professors Bradley Wendel, Charles Whitehead, Michael Dorf, and Celia Bigoness, and Dean Eduardo Peñalver took to eating pie to fundraise for the Law School's Spring Break Service Trip.

This year's Faculty Pie Eating Contest, appropriately dubbed the "Hungry Games,", featured an intense showdown in front of a packed crowd of students, faculty, and staff. With blueberry and pumpkin pie on the table and ponchos at the ready, the competition went underway to see who could consume the most pie in an allotted amount of time. Extra time was given to each professor based on the amount of donations in their name.

After weighing the pies, it was clear that the reigning champion, Professor Dorf, once again held onto his esteemed title of Faculty Pie Eating Champion. Commenting on his win, Professor Dorf said, "There is something very wrong with me that I felt sufficiently motivated to eat enough pie to win three contests in a row. Either that or I really like pie."

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