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Frequently Asked Questions

Will pictures be taken?

Yes. An outside company takes a picture of each graduate as they walk across the stage and then stop to shake hands with the  Dean of the Law School. These photos are available through the company for a price. The company corresponds directly with graduates. For more information about the photographer and pictures plese refer to "Class Picture and Photographs at Ceremony" in the left hand index.


Balfour is the University's representative for class announcements.  Graduates will receive an e-mail with the  Balfour FLYER and the Balfour PRICE SHEET that includes the wording for Law School Convocation announcements.

What about mobility impaired accessibility?

All chosen venues are accessible.  Graduates must indicate on their rsvp form if accommodation (i.e. mobility impaired, hearing impaired, sight impaired, etc.) to attend the ceremony is needed. They will then be contacted regarding those needs.

What about mobility impaired parking?

Permits for mobility impaired parking spaces directly next to the chosen venue will be distributed on an as needed basis. Graduates should mark the RSVP form in appropriate box. Graduates will be contacted directly regarding mobility impaired parking needs for Sunday. Please see parking.

How do I order my cap & gown?

Each graduate orders their Caps & Gown rental on-line through Herff Jones Collegiate Caps & Gowns. Regalia is the same for all graduating law students regardless of degree. Click on the link at left, "Caps and Gowns" to go to the ordering page.

When/Where do I pick up my regalia?

Regalia will be distributed one day only--generally right before classes end. Details to be announced.

What if I cannot be present to pick up my regalia?

In the event you will not be available, you must make arrangements with a friend to pick up the regalia for you--no other alternative arrangements are possible.

What if the regalia does not fit?

The company takes care of all size adjustments. Please be sure and try on regalia before leaving pick-up area.

What else is going on that weekend?

The only planned event is the ceremony followed by the reception.

What is the format for Convocation?

Graduates are to arrive no later than 1:15 p.m. to pick up their name card and to begin lining up---all guests should be in their seats by 1:45 p.m. The ceremony begins promptly at 2:00 pm with a processional into the chosen venue by the graduating class followed by members of the faculty. The ceremony is conducted by the Dean of the Law School. A brief speech is given by an LLM and JD student selected by the graduating class, followed by a professor also selected by the class, followed by the presentation of the graduates. Each graduate's name is called and they walk across the stage to shake the hand of the Dean. The ceremony lasts about an hour and a half.

After the ceremony, there is a champagne reception at Myron Taylor Hall. 

What is appropriate dress?

Generally, men wear suits, sports coat, shirt & tie or slacks with collared shirt. Women wear dresses, suits, slacks/blouse, etc. Please be sure and dress for the weather.

Do we need tickets for the Convocation Ceremony?

No---Newman Arena is open seating.

Is there an age requirement?

No. While children, babies, infants, toddlers are most welcomed, there is no room for strollers in the seating area of Newman Arena. Thus, please make the necessary adjustments for inside arena.

What is the difference between Convocation and University Commencement?

Because many students need to leave the area directly following the conclusion of Law School finals to attend bar review courses, "Convocation" is the Law School's primary event and takes place two weeks prior to University Commencement--which is when the students officially graduate. We do, however, encourage students who will still be in the area to participate in University Commencement. Students who do so are allowed to keep their caps and gown for an extended two week period. We also provide a champagne reception in the Atrium of Myron Taylor Hall. Family and friends are also invited to attend.

When do I receive my diploma?

Students do not receive their diplomas at Convocation or Commencement. The Registrar’s Office will provide information about the distribution of diplomas in the spring.