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Parking--General and Mobility Impaired

General Parking:
Parking permits are required Monday-Friday on the University campus. Please stop at an information booth at each entrance to campus to pay for and pick up a visitor parking permit.

Saturday and Sunday there is open parking in most, but not all, spaces. Please pay close attention to signage.

Saturday's Ceremony--General parking:
Parking will be available directly across the street from Newman Arena, Bartels Hall, the University parking garage or any other open space. There will be a shuttle following the ceremony beginning at approximately 3:30 p.m. between Newman Arena and Myron Taylor Hall (MTH) for the reception. Shuttle service will also continue between the two sites with the last shuttle leaving MTH at approximately 5:30 p.m.

Mobility Impaired Parking:
In order to park in designated "handicapped" parking spaces during Convocation weekend (Saturday and/or Sunday) you need a state issued permit or handicap symbol on your license plate. If you do not have either one, you need to contact Transportation Services at 607-255-4600 and mention the "Law School Convocation" to obtain the necessary permit. If, however, you will be on campus Thursday and/or Friday, you need to arrange for a Cornell-issued handicap parking permit in addition to the state-issued permit-please follow same instructions above. This must be finalized no later than May 4.

Saturday's Ceremony--Mobility Impaired Parking:
There will be mobility impaired parking directly next to Newman Arena, Bartels Hall and at Myron Taylor Hall following ceremony for the reception.  Students need to make arrangements by May 4 to obtain a mobility impaired parking permit. Please contact Linda Majeroni via e-mail or by phone 607-255-6536.