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Event Planning Instructions


1) Figure out event/program purposes, target, date, etc.—discuss with Advisor and L. Majeroni. Determine all expenses and funding sources.

2) Make budget request to GPSAFC in Student Organization’s CampusGroups Portal by the GPSAFC deadlines and prior to event date (GPSAFC will not award retroactively)--see below for specific speaker expenditures ineligible for GPSAFC funding.  Determine if need to make additional GPCI request up to $200 per event via GPSAFC.  If other groups are co-sponsoring, those groups also need to make their respective GPSAFC budget request.  Must make Law School funding request by September 27 or last deadine of November 29—administration will review by mid-October  (for September subission) and January for (November submission) any any allocated funds can be used on events thereafter.  Also make budget request to other sources if needed.

Specific Expenditure Ineligible for GPSAFC Funding Honorariums, travel expenses, and accommodation for alumni whose last degree from Cornell University was received within the last 5 years. Exceptions may be granted [when submitting a budget request] with the inclusion of a letter of support from the organization’s advisor” Line 156. For list of all eligible and ineligible GPSAFC expenditures a link for the updated Funding Guidelines will be available here once the new CampusGroups is up and running.

3) Check the Cornell Law School calendar and make sure there are no conflicts () and then if event is being held in MTH, request a room using the Event Manager System (while in Event Manager also double check events for your day/hour so that you don't conflict).  Fill out all sections of the form,  i.e. facilities, communication, IT (AV support) as well as posting to Law School web based calendar.

4) If event is funded via CLSA or funding other than GPSAFC, complete the the Student Event Information Form.  Discuss any questions/concerns with L. Majeroni anytime in the event planning process. L. Majeroni will assist with all aspects of programs/events. Please contact Linda Majeroni ( if you need a copy of the Student Event Information Form.

5) Once budget is complete, all funding sources identified and approved—confirm with speakers.

6) Speaker(s) from private sector employers (firms/corporations) notify Lyndsey Bullock in Career Services.  Speakers from public sector (public interest/government) contact Akua Oforiwa Akyea (AOA28). Alumni speakers, contact Kristine Hoffmeister in Alumni Affairs (KSH54).

7) Make sure that all advertisements, e-mails, etc. has the name of your student organization along with these lines: "Funded by the GPSAFC", "Open to the Graduate Community" and "Please contact (name of event host) at (netID of the host) for any special arrangements you may require in order to attend this event".

8)  Programs/Events using GPSAFC funds that come to $300 or over per event,  MUST advertise using the University calendar.
Instructions for adding events to University Calendar:

·         Please go to:

·         Click on the “submit an event” in the upper right hand of the page.  It will ask  you to log in with your NED ID and password.

·         Add the date, the title, the description (after you describe your event, add the GPSAFC required language, ("Funded by the GPSAFC", "Open to the Graduate Community" and "Please contact (name of event host) at (netID of the host) for any special arrangements you may require in order to attend this event"), complete all the fields to the end, you can even upload an image if you wish.

·         Once submitted, please then go to the University calendar, locate the date of your event, locate the event you submitted, copy and paste the link in an e-mail to L. Majeroni.  Linda will print it out and attach it to the GPSAFC back-up.

) IF FACILITY or AV support is requested via the MRM reservation process.  An e-mail is generated--follow instructions to complete the Facility or AV request for any event/program held at Law School.

10) University Event Registration Form must be filled out 4 weeks prior to start date IF you can say “yes”  to any of these statements: 1) event is being held outdoors; 2) has over 150 people 3) is serving alcohol (see policy); or 4) requires security.  Must be completed 2 weeks prior if 1) serving food between 50-149 or 2) fund raising.  If any of this criteria exists for an event and the student org does not file the registration form within the 2 or 4 weeks (depending on situation) of the event, the University can deny the request and stop the event from going forward.  In addition, Student organizations may be fined for late filing, or lack of filing an Event Registration Form.