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Please note:  Some of the forms below are "fill-in forms".  In order to access fill-in form, when the form opens it may indicate that the version of Adobe does not support forms and there will be a link in the upper right hand corner of the document that says "open in a different viewer".  If that appears, click on that button and select option to open in "Adobe Acrobat DC" view--that will allow you to fill-in the form.  Complete, save and e-mail to L. Majeroni in an email:

Funding Sources and Event Forms:

Funding Sources:
Graduate and Professional Student Assembly Finance Commission (GPSAFC) is first line of funding for law school student organizations.  Please click here for information regarding GPSAFC funding, i.e. :  to access your student organization's respective tier assignment, review Funding Guidelines 2017 - and GPCI Initiative Funding.  

Law School Funds:
Beginning with the 2018-19 academic year, all Law School funds, regardless of source (Dean’s Office, Career Officer, Berger, etc.), will be granted through an application process.  Student organizations will use their respective OrgSync portal to apply for all Law School funds needed throughout the academic year by the September 28th deadline.  This portal is also used to submit Graduate and Professional Student Assembly Finance Commission (GPSAFC) budget requests.

The administrative leadership team will review all timely submitted requests from organizations that comply with the guidelines  and will be notified of the outcome by mid-October to use on approved events thereafter.  We hope this streamlined process will be more efficient and will help facilitate student organizations’ advanced planning.

Law School funding is limited. Therefore, not all requests may be approved or, if approved, might be reduced from the requested amount.  Please request only that which is needed.

Cornell Law Student Association (CLSA):  Up to $250 per year per student organization.  CLSA e-board meets once a month to review budget requests from student organizations.  They have their own budget submission forms.  The budget review meetings follow the schedule below: 
Events that take place in October (or later) budget review is September 10. 
Events taking place in November (or later) budget review is October 8.
Events taking place in December (or later) budget review is November 12.

The day following the CLSA approval, the student organization MUST turn in the Student Event Information Form to L. Majeroni.

Law Firms, Other (such as BarBri, Lexis, etc), National Umbrella Organization: Prior to requesting funds from firms, please discuss with Linda Majeroni.  Organizations such as BarBri, Lexis and the like have their own funding request process but the funds will be routed through Linda Majeroni.  Likewise, National Umbrella Organizations also will allocate funds to their respective local student organizations and have their own budget process.  Be sure and include what a national organization has agreed to fund in any budget reqeust to GPSAFC or Law School.


Checklist for Event Planning
Planning Template

Excel Spreadsheet Template to help calculate proposed event expenses and funding sources
Excel Spreadsheet Example---How to use the Excel Spreadsheet Template

Student Event Information Form - Fill in form.  Complete, save and send via e-mail at same time as GPSAFC and/or Law School Funding Request along with any food order forms below.  If food orders not submitted at same time but submitted later, be sure and indicate that the form was already submitted and details so it is easy to locate.

Ordering Food:
Students can choose to order from ANY vendor they wish.  Some vendors will direct bill, others will not. While Linda has made arrangements with a few vendors to direct bill, this is in no way an endorsement of that business or their respective philosphies but arranged for the convenience of students responsible for the execution of student directed events.  If you wish to order from a vendor not listed below

Vendors that have agreed to direct bill for both tax exempt and non-tax exempt orders are:

  • CTB (Collgetown Bagels also called Ithaca Bakery)—CTB will work with students and their respective budget requirements.  Linda will work with students on menu options.
  • H&J Hospitality--Discounted prices.  Linda will provide contact information.  Students work with H&J directly.
  • Fork & Gavel—10% discount.  Linda provides contact info for students to work directly with caterer.
  • Italian Carry Out--20% discount on pizza only, 10% discount on catering menu
  • Sammy's Pizzeria (forms and menu to come) 25% discount
  • Taste of Thai Express (menu and ordering forms below) 10% discount
  • Wegmans--Linda will provide catalogue upon request and can provide Wegman's credit card for direct purchasing for all student groups--independent or university. 

If a student organization wishes to order from any vendor not listed above, the student responsible should ask the manager if they will direct bill--meaning 1) student places the order;  2) the vendor will fax or e-mail the invoice to L. Majeroni; 3) Linda will take care of making the payment either before or once the event is completed.  Many vendors will agree to direct billing---just have to ask.  Once a vendor agrees to direct billing--bring Linda into the loop.  If the vendor refuses to direct bill and the student organization still wishes to use their services, a student will have to pay up front and submit receipts for reimbursement (see reimbursement instructions and forms below).

Italian Carry Out Pizza and Wing Menu
Italian Carry Out Pizza and Wing Order Form
Italian Carry Out Pizza and Wing Calculation Assistance* WITH Sales Tax

Italian Carry Out Catering Menu
Italian Carry Out Catering Calculation Assistance--WITH Sales Tax
Italian Carry Out Catering Calculation Assistance--NO Sales Tax

Sammy's Pizzeria Menu and Ordering Form/Calculations Coming Soon.

Taste of Thai Catering/Order Menu
Taste of Thai Calculation WITH Sales Tax -- 10% gratuity automatically added as per ToT agreement
Taste of Thai Calculation NO Sales Tax -- 10% gratuity automatically added as per ToT agreement

  • *A word about tipping the pizza delivery drivers.  A tip for driver should be considered as a tip for the driver, not a gratuity for service rendered consistent with what you would give to a wait staff at a restaurant.  Example---a $100 pizza order (after discount applied) would be typical to give between $8-$10 for a tip for the driver or roughly 8%.


Out-of-Pocket Expense(s) for Student Organization Program/Events Reimbursement Forms:
Reimbursement form - must attach the completed and signed "Student Activity Funding Request" form to this (if not already completed and turned in) as well as flyers/images with the appropriate GPSAFC language (if applicable).

The University (and GPSAFC) requires that all receipts must be submitted within 30 days from day of event--no exceptions.  Thus, to ensure students do not exceed the deadline, all required forms, receipts, etc. must be turned into  L. Majeroni at LEAST 25 days following date of event to allow adequate submission time.

Non payroll Direct Deposit (DD) Form - if not already completed with L. Majeroni or Jannica Moskal (see below), please complete and attach to the reimbursement request. This is for NON payroll (a DD for payroll is different and will not work for reimbursement expenses). Must complete for student travel reimbursement (below) if not already completed with Jannica Moskal

Student Travel Forms---MUST receive a confirmed funding allocation from Dean of Students---see "Student Travel" in left index for complete details.
Agreement/Release Form - Fill-in form.  Must be completed and turned into Jannica Moskal (Dean Miner's assistant in Registrar's Office) PRIOR to departure.  If this form is not completed, signed and turned into Jannica prior to departure, travel is no longer authorized and student will NOT receive travel reimbursement

Travel Reimbursement Forms - Fill-in Form.  Must be completed within 30 days of travel.  Must also complete the Non-payroll Direct Deposit Form (see above) if have not already completed one with Linda or Jannica.