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Graduate & Professional Student Assembly Finance Commission (GPSAFC) and Campus Activities Office (CAO) Information Documents and Links


Tier Assignment 2017-18--To find your student org, will be listed either as LAW - [followed by student org name] or just the name without "LAW" in front.

GPSAFC Calendar 2018-19 -- Important dates and deadlines.  When budgets need to be submitted with all approvals and the Commission's decision time line, etc.

GPSAFC Funding Guidelines 2017 - --Required reading---lists eligible and ineligible expenses, Tier Funding parameters, requirements, guidelines, how to apply for "GPCI" funding with requirements, etc.

Graduate and Professional Community Initiative Document--Must consult when making GPCI funding request ($200 per event not included in Tier assignments).

GPSAFC Budget Submission Tutorial---quick guide to submitting budget requests for both Tier and GPCI funding.


Graduate and Professional Student Assembly Finance Commission Meeting Schedule for 2018-19

Link to Campus Activity Office and Log in to OrgSync