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Student Event Planning

Welcome to Cornell Law School Student Event Information website.

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All student leaders serve for an academic term, i.e. June 1 to May 31.  Thus, following annual elections newly elected board members shadow their outgoing board counterparts.  The current academic year board continues to execute all programs and events to the end of the term. 


Dean of Students Office - FAQ for Student Org Leaders: August 2020


1. When can we register on CampusGroups?

Now. Please register your group by Friday, September 4 to ensure

  • Prompt disbursement of Law School funds
  • Time to build your ‘booth’ for the Organization Fair

Register on CampusGroups:


Campus Activities has put together a slide show you must view in order to register:


You will need 2 officers and 1 adviser to register. Someone must be selected as your Health Officer Liaison. If you run into any issues registered, e-mail


Campus Activities has asked that all members be added to CampusGroups. This will enable contact tracing when we transition to in-person meetings.

  • We understand you may not wish to add members until after the organization fair


2. When can we begin to schedule meetings?

You may begin to schedule your organization meetings once you have registered your group in CampusGroups. Meetings must be scheduled on


CampusGroups has guidance on how to create an event:


3. When will the organization fair be?

Organization’s voted last night and were overwhelmingly in favor of one organization fair on one day. The only time when all 1L sections does not have classes is Friday afternoon, so we have scheduled the Fair for Friday, September 18 from 2:30-4:30 PM.


4. What will meetings look like for Fall?

The Provost’s Office has indicated that there will be no student gatherings until after September 30, whether indoors or outside. This applies to on or off-campus gatherings of large groups. The intention is to ensure the safety of the community as we integrate all Cornell members for Fall of 2020. You will receive an update at the end of September. Talks with Campus Activities indicating that we are planning for in-person gatherings to resume in October.

Groups thinking about in-person gatherings after September 30 will need to meet with Campus Activities.


5. When will funding be unfrozen from GPSAFC?

GPSAFC is rolling throughout the year.


6. What can we use Law School Funding for?

Law School funding is still subject to University guidelines (see above). It can, however, be used for wellness items, books, or other items related to events. We are encouraging groups to be creative.


No Law school or university funding cannot be used to purchase gift cards for members to buy lunch, or to buy lunch delivered from outside vendors (i.e. DoorDash). Please contact Michelle LoParco in the Office of Administration, Human Resources, and Finance with additional questions.


7. What if we want to attend a Virtual Conference?

For live events, in the past, student have to submit plan for one person to attend conference: hotel and airfare. Groups would receive allocation for one person to go and use how they saw fit.


8. How can we get a listserv for our group?

Since groups will be uploaded members to CampusGroups, we recommend utilizing CampusGroups to send group e-mails. There is an option in CampusGroups for members to elect not to receive e-mails from groups.


Creating publicity images using Cornell Law School templates:

1) Click on the link (provided below).  Microsoft 365 home page will open.   Login: YOUR Cornell NET ID

2) The page will then re-direct to "Cornell University" where your Cornell e-mail address will be automatically inserted. Then type in your password in appropriate place which is: 

Password: YOUR Cornell password

3) Office 365 will open with the title "Law Student Event Templates"

4) Double click on "CLS-Student-Event-Templates"

5) Box will open asking you to "Open with Windows Explorer" click on Open and then click on OK

6) Then click on CLS Student Event Folder

7) Template options will open with indicating color of background.

8) Click on color chosen and then choose which option, i.e. 1 speaker, 2 speaker, etc.-will open in PowerPoint

9) Edit the power point slide, inserting the name of your group, title, speaker(s), images, date, time, place, etc. ---want to be as specific and concise as possible-be sure to include "Who, What, Where and When". Use MRM in the general tab "Event Description" to provide more detailed descriptions of the program that will appear on the Law School calendar. When it comes to poster type images,  this is the time when less is actually more.

10) In the Slide ---in the box where it now says "Free and open to the public"---if the group is using ANY GPSAFC funds for ANY expenses, no matter how small that expense, in order to actually access those funds, GPSAFC REQIRES that you insert the tag line "Funded by the GPSAFC", "Open to the Graduate Community" and "Please contact (name of event host) at (netID of the host) for any special arrangements you may require in order to attend this event". Please insert all other funding sources in this location as well.

11) When done, save as a PDF and/or PNG from the pull down menu under "save as type" (saving it directly to jpg from PowerPoint results in a lower quality image).

12) You will receive a prompt asking to save every slide or current slide; click on "current slide only"

13) The PDF can be saved as a jpg in Adobe Acrobat Pro (which is not a free application). Adobe Acrobat Pro IS installed in the Law School's computer lab so students can use those systems to create the jpg file

14) Attach saved file in whatever format chosen to e-mails, print for posting, etc.

15) Templates link