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Room Reservation Instructions (Meeting Room Manager MRM)

When testing has been completefed for the new MRM procedures, instructions and interface will be posted here. 

In the meantime, we are still using the former system.  As such, when reserving a room anywhere in Myron Taylor Hall, Hughes Hall, etc. If you can answer “yes” to any one of the following questions, you must indicate the specific support is needed which generates an automated e-mail requesting you to provide more specific information regarding those needs.  If the forms are not completed when any of the conditions below apply, then 1) the building and/or room may not be open;  2) you might not be able to hold the event and 3) you will not receive the necessary support for your event/program:


Facilities and/or IT require AT LEAST a notice of 48 hours (sometimes longer), so please keep that in mind when making reservations where any of the following situations occur:


  1. The event/program is being held outside of regular business hours (this includes weekends).
  2. The event/program is serving food.
  3. The event/program is serving alcohol [which requires a licensed caterer and the University Event Registration completed].
  4. The event/program requires a different set-up (i.e. adding items like table with chairs for a panel, removing furniture, moving furniture, etc.) than what is currently in the room.
  5. You need IT support in the way of starting the program, recording the program, providing additional mics, etc.


If any of those situations applies then you MUST indicate “yes” in the drop down menu when making the room reservation in MRM for either facility and/or AV support, when you receive your final e-mail approval for the room it will contain this language:


You have requested assistance from Facilities. To formally complete Your request, please click on this link to enter support details.You may also save this link in order to modify Facilities requests for this event in the future.


You have requested assistance from Information Technologies (Audio/Visual).To formally complete YOUR request, please click on this To request assistance from Information Technologies (Audio/Visual)link to enter support details.Save this link in order to modify A/V requests for this event in the future.

If the links are not followed and the required information not completed, you will not receive the necessary support for your event/program.


 Here is the manual link to instructions, URL for the current MRM system,


Please note that if you are going to use MRM from outside of the Law School you will need to install the University’s Virtual Private Network, i.e. VPN on the device you will be using to book rooms at