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Student Travel Guidelines

Student Travel Policy (funded via Dean of Student's Office).

Students wishing to travel and represent their respective student organization at conferences, competitions, and the like should submit the budget request in Campus Groups for Law School Funds selecting "Student Travel" as the topic by September 27, 2019--this is the one and only deadline to submit requests for Student Travel.  Please click on the following link Instructions on how to Submit a Student Travel Request.


Travel Guidelines


1. Once a budget has been submitted and approved the requesting representative will receive an e-mail with travel instructions.  Travelers should then contact Jannica Moskal  (255-5839) prior to traveling to ensure complying with all requirements and have Jannica either make the travel arrangements or prepare documentation for student(s) to receive "cash advance". Please note that students must make their own hotel reservations and/or rental car reservations and either be reimbursed after the trip or apply for a cash advance prior to the trip---either way, the traveler MUST obtain itemized receipts/proof of payment for all expenses including those items that a cash advance covers.

2. Fill out and turn in the Agreement/Release for Student Travel form to Jannica, Registrar's Office. The Agreement/Release form is a legal document that Cornell University and the Law School requires to be completed and kept on file.

If this form is not completed and signed, travel is not authorized and the student will not be reimbursed.

In addition, failure to timely complete and submit the required releases or to comply with any of the following Travel Guidelines may result in the Dean of Students cancelling current and/or future funding for the specific student organization. All students traveling must contact Linda Majeroni prior to departure.

3. Obtain itemized receipts and proof of purchase for all travelers. If an itemized receipt is not obtained for any transactions, traveler must list out everything purchased for each transaction, including tax. (Example: 1 subway ticket; registration for X conference, etc.). In most cases, meals/food cannot be reimbursed.

4. Get a tax-exempt form from Jannica if traveling within New York State. Cornell does NOT reimburse New York State sales tax.

5. Required to review the following Student Travel Guidelines/Policies document which provides detailed information on allowable and non-allowable expenses, rental car agreements, etc.

6. Reimbursement Procedures (must be completed within 30 days of trip)