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February 22, 2021

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources and Updates

Please bookmark and continue to monitor the following resource websites for updated and relevant information: 

This Week’s Events

Unless otherwise noted, these events are intended for the Cornell Law School Community 
All times posted are Eastern Standard Time 

Week of February 22, 2021

The Fork & Gavel is open for the spring 2021 semester. Open daily 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM with free coffee. Specialty coffee and food available for purchase.

Monday, February 22
10:00–10:30 am — Meditation with Conor and Seth from the Law School via Zoom (recurring)
Meeting URL:
Meeting ID: 933 4655 0916
Passcode: 665758
To dial in: 1-646-518-9805

6:00 - 7:00 PM, A Conversation about Medical Aid in Dying
Zoom link:

Tuesday, February 23
4:30 - 5:30PM, Plaintiff-Side Litigation Panel with Cornell Alumni
Zoom Event:                       

Wednesday, February 24
12:15 - 1:15 PM, Berger Speaker Series: Alice Farmer - International Refugee Norms and Their Implementation in the U.S. Co-sponsored by Cornell Migrations Initiative.
Please register for the event at the Zoom link:

1:00 - 2:00 PM, Overview of the New York State Bar Exam for LLMs
Zoom Event: 

7:00 - 8:30 PM, Racism in America: Protest Movements and Civil Disobedience 
Register at:

Thursday, February 25
12:00 - 1:00 PM, Government Lawyering and the Rule of Law - When your client is the United States of America or some other governmental entity, what do you do when those entrusted with the power of the people decide to take actions that may be inconsistent with the law or other applicable requirements? Are there times when Government lawyers need to take action to protect the Rule of Law from acts, whether of commission or omission, by those in power? Government lawyers sometimes are confronted with these questions and must decide what is the right thing to do - often with respect to politically sensitive matters. The circumstances and issues can vary greatly, reflecting the many different types of positions held by Government lawyers as well as the diverse applicable laws, rules, and guidelines they are responsible for enforcing. Join Cornell Law School alumni as they examine and discuss their experiences, and how their Cornell Law School training influenced the way they and others have upheld the Rule of Law.
Welcome: Jens Ohlin, Interim Dean and Professor of Law, Cornell Law School
Introduction: Akua Akyea, Assistant Dean for Public Service, Cornell Law School
Moderator: Marion Bachrach, JD ’77, Of Counsel, Thompson & Knight LLP and Adjunct Professor of Law, Cornell Law School
Michael K. Atkinson, JD ’91, Former Inspector General of the Intelligence Community, Office of the Director of National Intelligence
Annette Hayes, JD ’91, Former United States Attorney for the Western District of Washington
Please register: by Wednesday, February 24.
Should you have any questions, please email

3:00 - 5:00 PM, Clinical Programs Multi-Clinic Orientation - Orientation for clinic and experiential practicum students.

5:00 - 6:00 PM, DPCLS: Careers in Data Privacy and Cybersecurity 
Zoom Event:

Friday, February 26
3:00 - 3:30 PM, How to Ace Your Interviews - Roundtable 
Zoom Event:

5:00 - 6:00 PM, Myron Taylor Mixer - Virtual Game Night - RSVP and vote for your choice of game: Scattegories, Trivia or Pictionary

Saturday, February 27
OutLaw Career Workshop

4:00 - 5:30 PM, 2021 Faust F. Rossi Moot Court Competition
Register for this virtual event at:

Beyond This Week

Monday, March 1
4:00 - 4:30 PM, "Renting in New York - A Practical Guide" Zoom Workshop and Q&A

5:00 - 6:00 PM, Nuts & Bolts Writing Competition Information Session
Zoom Event:

Wednesday, March 3
12:15 - 1:15 PM, Berger International Speaker Series with Andrés Harfuch: Using the Jury to Spread Democratic Reform
Please register for this Webinar at the Zoom link:

4:30 - 5:30 PM, The Weekly Perk - Hosted by the Cornell Law Veterans Association - Join the CVLA Executive Board to hear about their mission and have your questions answered. 
RSVP here: 

Friday, March 5

1:00 - 2:00 PM, How to Draft a Cover Letter and Select a Writing Sample and References -If you are selected to have an interview at the ISIP Preview Program or the ISIP Interview Program, your prospective employer may require a cover letter, a writing sample, and references.    
Zoom Meeting ID: 897 980 0443, Passcode: Careers,

Official Announcements

Attendance in Class
ABA standards dictate that a law school shall require regular and punctual class attendance and that students comply with the attendance policy. Per the Cornell Law School Student Handbook:(

• Regular and punctual class attendance, beginning on the first day of the semester, is required of all students.
• Faculty members monitor attendance and enforce the rule by reporting the student to the Dean of Students for JD students or the Assistant Dean of Graduate Legal Studies for students in our LL.M. and JSD. Degree programs; by removing a student from the course or excluding a student from an exam (after reasonable written warning); or by another mechanism announced in the course syllabus before the end of add/drop. If a student is excluded from an exam, a grade of F is entered, or in the case of a clinical course, the student may receive a lowered grade or a U.
• Students who are ill or have another valid reason for a missing class are encouraged to contact the instructor directly and are required to notify the Dean of Students or the Assistant Dean for Graduate Legal Studies, depending on the student’s degree program, if more than three days are missed.

Instruction Modality Preference
You must attend all courses based on your selection of in-person or online instruction. If you elected in-person instruction and the class is offered in person, your faculty expects to see you in the Law School buildings for each class meeting. Your attendance will be driven by the course modality, as noted on the course schedule. Faculty reserve the right to mark you absent if you have elected in-person instruction but do not attend in person. If you selected online instruction, no seat has been reserved for you in the classroom, and you cannot attend classes in person.

S/U Grading Option
Each JD student and LLM student who has elected the JD scale may elect to take up to two upper-class courses at Cornell Law School on a S/U basis. Shortly after Add-Drop’s close, students will receive an email when the S/U Grading Option link is available on the Registrar’s website. S/U grade elections, if made, shall be irrevocable. Students may not make this election in courses that they use to satisfy the Law School’s upper-class writing requirement. Also, instructors may designate specific courses that they teach as not eligible for the S/U grade election. Check individual course descriptions ( for more information. It will open up at the end of January; you will receive an email.

Grading Election for LLM Students
LLM candidates are graded on the scale of High Honors (HH), Honors (H), Satisfactory (S), and Unsatisfactory (U), except that an LLM student may, after consultation with the Assistant Dean for Graduate Legal Studies, elect to be graded on the JD scale and curve. This election applies to the entire academic year. It Will open up at the end of January, you will receive an email.

The Assistant Dean for Graduate Legal Studies will counsel LLM students during this initial four-week period on the risks and benefits of opting into the JD grading scale. The election of the JD grading scale cannot be reversed. Please use the link in the Important Deadlines column on the Registrar’s website ( select the JD grading scale.

Update Your Preferred Name and Address Info
If you wish to update your preferred name, use the link in the My Information tab ( the Registrar’s website. All students should make sure their address info is up to date as well. To update your address, use the link in the My Information tab on the Registrar’s website.

University Registration
To become a registered student at Cornell University, a person must: settle all financial accounts, including current semester tuition; satisfy New York State and university health requirements; have no holds from their college, Cornell Health, or the Bursar. Students must be registered by February 26, or they risk being withdrawn from the University. Students who become registered for the Spring semester after February 26 will be charged a $350 late fee. See University Registration ( for more information.  Failure to register will prevent future enrollment, impact financial aid, loan deferments, health benefits, and other privileges relying on in-school status. This may also affect the ability to use certain services on campus, such as your Cornell Card, Library Services, and Cornell Health. Use Student Essentials ( to check your registration status.

Information from the Bursar’s Office
Use Student Essentials ( check your registration status and confirm that you do not have any Bursar holds.

Internal (unofficial) transcripts are available at the Law School Registrar’s office (written request required). The online unofficial transcript request form ( available at the Registrar’s site. Please remember that we ask you to make this request 24 hours in advance of your need for the materials.  Official transcripts ( available only at the University Registrar’s Office in B7 Day Hall.

Class Recording Request Form
The Law School IT department has created a class recording request form( The form is available on the Registrar’s website. You may use the form to request a video recording of a class.  In order to view a class recording, a request must be completed and submitted for approval. Approval to view class recordings is at the instructor’s discretion, and the instructor’s decision is final. Students who receive a class recording link do so because they will not share it with anyone else. Please note that recording requests for make-up classes and review sessions have not yet been integrated into the form.  If you have a request for one of these recordings, please email the instructor for permission.  If the instructor permits you, forward that email to IT (, and they will send you the recording. Students who have approved accommodations should not use the request form but should work with the Dean of Students Office instead.

Loan Deferment Certification
Students who need to have loan deferments completed by the school need to submit them to the Registrar’s Office as quickly as possible to ensure timely processing.

Release of Information
A reminder to all students. Students asking faculty members to write recommendations will need to complete a release form ( with the Law School Registrar’s Office if the faculty member wishes to view the student’s record.

Religious Holidays and Academic Calendar
The University policy concerning the academic calendar and religious holidays states, “In enacting the academic calendar, the University has scheduled classes, laboratories, and examinations on religious holidays. It is the intent of the University that students who miss these activities because of religious observances be given adequate opportunity to make up the missed work.” Any student who seeks accommodation needs to complete the Class Recording Request form( Approval to view class recordings is at the instructor’s discretion, and the instructor’s decision is final.

Emergency Phone Numbers
A listing of emergency phone numbers is available here(

Cornell Law School Photo Directory

Calling all 1Ls! When the public health restrictions lift, the Law School will be taking professional headshots, but until then, help us update our Cornell Law School photo directory by uploading a current headshot of yourself.

Office of the Dean 

Dean Ohlin will be holding office hours via Zoom for students on Monday afternoons, 2:30pm – 3:30pm. Students wishing to speak with the Dean, may sign up in advance with Becca Johnson by e-mail (


Academic Support

Zoom Office Hours Week of February 22 with Director Weyble for Academic Skills Support by appointment only here
or by email if you can’t find an open slot: cbw75

APA office hours:  Check the Canvas page this week

Gimme a Break.  You’ll complete your Lawyering assignment this week.  You’ve read for every class and done your best to stay healthy during this crazy season.  Do you feel exhausted?  Right now would be a fantastic time for winter break—if there was one.  While accomplishing a big task makes you feel like taking time off, there is no time off right now.  The spring semester is more like legal practice.  You have more demands on your time and less time to catch up.  You won’t have a break until April, so you need to make your own mini-breaks now in order to stay focused. 

How do you do that?  Plan short breaks every week so that you can recharge.  Walk outside for half an hour every day.  Go to the gym (or stream a workout) from 4:30 to 5:30 every other day.  Watch one episode of your favorite show every evening.  See a movie from 7 to 9 on Saturday.   Do an activity that you enjoy, that relaxes you, or that motivates you, but make sure you set a starting and ending time to the activity.  While you need breaks to make sure you don’t burn out, you will be more stressed out if your breaks get out of control and reduce your working time.  If you want more ideas on how to motivate yourself to study while also scheduling breaks, drop by my office during office hours or schedule an appointment.

Cornell Law Library 

Contactless Pickup for Library Books: Law students can check out books from any Cornell library and have them delivered to the Law School for Contactless Pickup. See these instructions on how to request a book.

Law Library Scanning Service: The Law Library offers free scanning and electronic delivery of library materials (within copyright) to law students and law faculty through a service called SCANit.  Students can learn more how to submit a scanning request on the Law Library SCANit page. If you have questions, please send an email to or contact a reference librarian.

Graduate Legal Studies/General LL.M. Students 

General LL.M. Student Arrival in Ithaca –If you are an international student with F-1 or J-1 visa status and have just entered the US with an I-20 or DS-2019 issued by Cornell, be sure to complete the Office of Global Learning’s online check in process to maintain valid visa status.  For those who have not yet arrived, please update your Spring Checklist as you finalize your plans.  As a reminder, you can find a summary of Cornell’s current arrival testing and quarantine requirements here.  After you complete the required arrival testing and quarantine, and are cleared to be on campus, you can arrange to pick up your Cornell ID card from a GLS staff member.  Your ID card will allow access to campus facilities based on your clearance.

Office of Global Learning Tax Information & Workshops available - The Office of Global Learning – International Services’ Tax prep website has information on U.S. taxes and how to file.

Health and Wellness

Recommended Podcast 

Take an 8 minute break. Cornell Law School's own 3L, Nathalie Greenfield, talks about Recognizing Burnout how to deal with it. Have a listen:

Let's Meditate

10:00–10:30 am — Meditation with Conor and Seth from the Law School via Zoom (recurring)
Meeting URL:
Meeting ID: 933 4655 0916
Passcode: 665758
To dial in: 1-646-518-9805

Check for other dates and time around campus:

The Cornell Quaranzine

Supporting Your Well-being - Spring 2021 - Read the February 10 newsletter here:

Let's (Tele)Talk

Let’s Talk has gone virtual! We are now offering Let's Talk drop-in consultations by Zoom. Visit their website for a schedule:

How it works: Let’s (Tele)Talk is available during the times listed below. If interested, please use the relevant link to access the Zoom meeting with a counselor. Students will be seen individually on a first-come, first-served basis. There may be a wait in the virtual waiting room if the counselor is seeing another student. Please wait and we will be with you as soon as we can.

Please note: Let’s Talk is not a substitute for counseling and does not constitute mental health treatment. Let’s Talk consultants can listen to specific problems, help explore solutions, and introduce you to what it’s like to speak to a member of our staff. Other options for care include individual counseling, group counseling, workshops, and 24/7 phone consultation. In a crisis, please call 911 or one of these recommended hotlines.  

And for students studying outside of New York State, please see these counseling and support resources:


Headspace has created a special New York collection of meditation, sleep, and movement exercises to support you through these challenging times. Visit the website to experience what Headspace has to offer:

Legal Careers

All Students

MBBA Presents: Pathways to Privacy and Cybersecurity Panel – February 17, 2021, 6:00PM (EST), via Zoom
o   Multiple days and times offered
Register via this link :

Reed Smith Presents “What I Wish I Knew Then: A Conversation with Our Hispanic/Latinx Attorneys” – February 25, 2021, 5:30PM (EST), virtual
Register via this link:

1L Students

Wilson Sonsini Diversity Summit – March 18 & 19, 2021, virtual
o   Applications due by February 26, 2021
Apply via this link:

Hogan Lovells: Around the World in 40 Minutes – March 25, 2021, 4:30PM (EST)
o   Hogan Lovells invites the 1L Cornell Law School class to join our lawyers for a discussion about our unique practices and capabilities.
o   Sweet treats will be sent for you to enjoy during the panel discussion. Kindly RSVP by March 19th to receive instructions on how to place your order!
Reserve your spot today by registering via this link,

Intro to Recruiting and August Job Fair – March, date TBA

Recruiting Season Interview Program – April, date TBA

Lexis Nexis Firm Research Workshop – April 13, 2021, 4:30PM (EST) via Zoom

2021 Loyola Patent Program – July 22 – 23, 2021
Student registration February 18 – March 19 More details to come

Cornell Law August Job Fair (virtual) – August 3-5, 2021

2L and 3L Students

Cooper & Cooper “Renting in NYC” Workshop – March 1, 2021, 4:30PM (EST) via Zoom
Topics Include: Starting Your Search, Neighborhoods & Subways, Apartment Shapes & Sizes, The Application Process, Paperwork Requirements, Income & Credit Guidelines, The Real Estate Market. Register via this link

Other Fairs:

Loyola Patent Program – July 22 – 23, 2021
o   Student registration February 18 – March 19
More information can be found here

Lavender Law Conference and Career Fair – July 28 – 30, 2021
o   Student registration open now
More information can be found here

Indianapolis Bar Association Diversity Job Fair – August 9 & 10, 2021
o   Student registration starts March 5, 2021
More information can be found here

Positions Available

The Dean of Students Office seeks a student assistant to plan, promote, and execute student engagement initiatives for the spring 2021 semester. This paid position is virtual. Facility with videoconferencing software (Zoom, Teams, etc.), innovation, creativity, enthusiasm, discretion, and careful attention to detail is required. Please email a letter of interest and resume to

The Law School is looking for several student assistants to provide technical Zoom support for online and hybrid courses as Classroom Tech TAs. Responsibilities may include managing breakout rooms, admitting students from the waiting room, and troubleshooting any technical issues. This paid position can be virtual or in person, depending on the faculty’s needs. If interested, please contact Cassi Norgaisse ( for more information.

Summer Immigration Clinic Intern: The 1L Immigration Law & Advocacy Clinic seeks an intern for a full- or part-time position for summer 2021. This is a great opportunity for 1Ls or 2Ls who are interested in both direct service and community-based lawyering. The position is eligible for PIF. For more information and to apply, please email Professor Kelley-Widmer at

Paid (Remote) Summer Jobs at Cornell The Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School is hiring students to work on various projects during the summer of 2021.  LII work qualifies for PIF, but students need not be eligible for a PIF grant to work for LII.  Summer work for LII can be performed from anywhere within the United States--there's no need to be in Ithaca.  Please contact LII Co-Director Craig Newton ( to learn more about opportunities at LII.

Professor Yale-Loehr needs some research assistants this summer to help update his immigration law treatise. Prior exposure to immigration law is helpful but not required. Pay is at the standard law school rate. This is an excellent job for a bright 1L.  If interested, please email an unofficial transcript, resume, and writing sample to Professor Yale-Loehr at Please also indicate your dates of availability. Students can work anywhere; you don’t need to be in Ithaca. The job is full-time, so students interested in attending the Paris or other summer law programs need not apply. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so applicants should apply as soon as possible.

Winter Research and Advocacy Intern: The Cornell Center on the Death Penalty Worldwide seeks interns for part-time positions in the winter semester 2021. For information about the position and to apply please email

Summer Research and Advocacy Intern: The Cornell Center on the Death Penalty Worldwide seeks an intern for a full-time position for Summer 2021. For information about the position and to apply please email

Research Intern - China: The Cornell Center on the Death Penalty Worldwide seeks interns fluent in Mandarin  (including the ability to read and write simplified Chinese) for part-time positions in winter and spring semester 2021.  For information about the position and to apply please email

The Department of Policy Analysis and Management is seeking two Teaching Assistants for the spring 2021 course entitled, Corporations, Shareholders, and Public Policy (PAM 3340/5334). This course meets Mon/Wed 11:25-12:40. It will be a hybrid of in-person and online teaching. The ideal candidates will have a law background as well as undergraduate coursework in economics or other equivalent familiarity with the course topics. TAs typically work 10 hours per week, on average, at a rate of $20/hour.  Please contact Professor Rick Geddes ( if you are interested. 

Big Red Barn Positions
For graduate or professional students that are interested in applying for a position it the Big Red Barn (including a FAMILY FELLOW POSITION):
Job descriptions: (      
To apply -

General Announcements

We Make History: Amplifying The Black Experience In Labor and Employment Law and ADR

February 25, 2021, 5:30 PM EST 
The Scheinman Institute in partnership with NYSBA is hosting a dynamic panel of lawyers, arbitrators, neutrals, and professors share their stories of success and offer strategies for navigating the field of Labor and Employment ADR. In honor of Black History Month, this free webinar will be co-moderated by the current Chair and Chair-elect/first Black Chair of the Labor and Employment Section of the New York State Bar Association.
To Register:

Join @CornellPress for a Virtual Book Discussion

February 22, 2021, 1:15 - 2:45 PM EST, The Neoliberal Republic: Corporate Lawyers, Statecraft and the Making of Public-Private France by Antoine Vauchez & Pierre France 
Book Discussion Participants: Samuel Moyn, Yale Law School, Mitchel Lasser, Cornell Law School and Katharina Pistor, Columbia Law School
Respondent: Antoine Vauchez, Universite Paris 1-Sarobonne 
Moderator: Elizabeth S. Anker, Cornell University and Corpus Juris 
To Register:

ABA's Women Connected and Diversity Advanced Initiative - Volunteer Opportunity

Looking for a student volunteer who might be interested in working with on our social media content for the initiatives. It is a small time commitment of about 10-15 minutes a day every other week but it is a great opportunity for students to connect with lawyers in different areas of practice and different markets and to get involved with the ABA itself. Contact Krystyna Blokhina for more information on how to get involved. 

Indian Law Program at Lewis & Clark

The Indian Law Program at Lewis & Clark Law School will be offering summer courses via remote learning for the first time during Summer 2021. Law students from any accredited law school will have the opportunity to learn from top Indian Law experts around the country via classes conducted through Zoom. Registration for summer classes begins in February and the add/drop period ends on May 31, 2021. Summer classes are available for academic credit to Lewis & Clark law students, visiting law students, and for auditing by attorneys and non-law students.
For more information visit the website:

2020-2021 American Indian Law Review National Writing Competition

This year’s American Indian Law Review national writing competition is now welcoming papers from students at accredited law schools in the United States and Canada.  Papers will be accepted on any legal issue specifically concerning American Indians or other indigenous peoples.  Three cash prizes will be awarded: $1,000 for first place, $500 for second place, and $250 for third place.  Each of the three winning authors will also be awarded an eBook copy of Cohen's Handbook of Federal Indian Law, provided by LexisNexis. For further information on eligibility, entry requirements, and judging criteria, see the AILR writing competition website at
Submission Deadline: Friday, February 26, 2021, at 6 p.m. Eastern Standard Time

The Washington Attorneys with Disabilities Association Scholarship 

The Washington Attorneys with Disabilities Association is thrilled to offer a scholarship to be granted this academic year to a law student who has shown commitment to helping promote meaningful inclusion of people with disabilities throughout the legal profession and by sharing the personal experience of a person with disabilities while pursuing a legal career. Please see the attached for additional information or visit
Submission Deadline: March 30, 2021

The University College Dublin Law Review Seeking Submissions 

The UCD Law Review is among Ireland’s leading student-run peer-reviewed legal journals. The Review seeks to publish, on an annual basis, a comprehensive and distinguished journal of legal scholarship. Further details, including information on submissions and the editorial process, may be found at
Submission Deadline: March 31, 2021

Howard C. Schwab Memorial Essay Contest 

The purpose of the Howard C. Schwab Memorial Essay Contest is to create greater interest in the field of family law among all law students, and particularly the Law Student Division of the American Bar Association. The Section is now accepting entries for the 2021 contest! Eligible second or third-year law students are welcome to submit original essays on any aspect of family law. First, second, and third-place winners are awarded monetary prizes, as well as publication of the winning entries on the Section's website, and more! Information can be found on the website:
Deadline Submission: All essays must be e-mailed on or before April 23, 2021. Remember, in order to be assigned a number, you must send us your entry form by April 9, 2021. These dates must be strictly adhered to.

The College of Labor and Employment Lawyers and American Bar Association Section of Labor and Employment Law Annual Law Student Writing Competition 

The ABA Section of Labor and Employment Law and The College of Labor and Employment Lawyers are pleased to announce their 2021 writing competition. This competition is open to articles written while the author is an active student at an accredited law school in the United States. Authors may not have graduated from law school prior to December 1, 2020. Graduate students in law school (LLM candidates) are not eligible. Complete rules should be read in their entirety. Competition rules can also be found on the College website at
Submission Deadline: June 15, 2021


Honorable Charles L. Brieant, Jr. Fellowship 

The fellowship is open to all first year (1L) students and second year (2L) students as of spring 2021 semester enrolled in a law school in the State of New York. Contact the Dean of Students Office for information on how to apply
Submission Deadline: March 19, 2021