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Jinhai Zhang Professor, China, 2018-19
Photo of Jinhai Zhang

Professional Biography

Zhang Jinhai, Associate Professor of Law at School of Law of Sichuan University, China. He is an associate professor at School of Law of Sichuan University, China. He teaches contract law, tort law, property law and other courses. In 2016, he began his research project titled 'Development and Improvement of the Rules of Damages for Breach of Contract under the Background of Chinese Civil Law Codification', funded by the Chinese National Fund for Social Science. One important part of this programme is a comparative study of damages for breach of contract, especially a comparison on the relevant rules between Chinese and American law. He received his LLB and LLM degree from Renmin University of China, and LLD degree from Tsinghua University. After receiving his doctor's degree, he began his career as a law teacher. His major is civil and commercial law, and his main research areas are law of obligation and property law. He has written dozens of papers on contracts, torts and the theory of legal transaction. He is the author of On Unlawfulness of Tortious Act(2012), and one of the translators of Philosophical Foundations of Tort Law edited by Owen, and Schuldrecht: Allgemeiner Teil written by Looschelders. He is married. His wife is a nurse. His son is a junior high school student now.


Sichuan University Law School

Focus of Study

Contract Law Tort Law Property Law