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2013 Conable Conference in International Studies

On April 6, 2013, Avon Center Executive Director, Elizabeth Brundige, and Women and Justice Fellow, Leigh Blomgren, participated in the Conable Conference in International Studies on the topic “Gender, Violence and Justice in the Age of Globalization,” co-sponsored by the Avon Global Center for Women and Justice, held at the Rochester Institute of Technology.  The Conference sought to explore the nature of the gender-based violence currently faced by global campaigns and justice advocates in the global south and global north.  Through exploration of the conflicts, commonalities, and resolutions in approaches to gender-based violence, the Conference aimed to prompt discussion of how increases in transnational and global activities impact the occurrence and nature of such violence.  Executive Director, Liz Brundige, spoke on a panel discussing the subject of “Education, Labor, & the Economy” drawing from clinical experience and the Avon Center’s recently launched report on related topics in her presentation titled, “Sexism, Sexual Violence, and Sexuality in the Education of Girls in Zambia.”  Women and Justice Fellow, Leigh Blomgren, contributed to a panel deliberating matters relating to “Discovering and Uncovering Gender Violence” in her presentation, “Too Young to Marry: Causes and Consequences of Child Marriage in Bangladesh,” which drew from research developed in response to a judicial request to the Avon Center, that focused on the framework in which child marriage exists in Bangladesh and the international and domestic legal provisions and policies that speak to issues surrounding the practice.

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Conable Conference International Studies Avon Global Center Executive Director Elizabeth Brundige speaks at the Conable Conference Women Justice Fellow Leigh Blomgren speaks at the Conable Conference