Cornell Center for Women and Justice

About Us

The mission of Cornell Center for Women, Justice, Economy and Technology is to work on initiatives relating to women, justice, the economy and technology.  Cornell Women JET brings together representatives from academia, the public and private sectors, government and non-governmental organizations to improve women's access to justice, economic opportunity and social progress. The Center draws on a variety of disciplines to address women's economic and social empowerment including law, economics, STEM, media and others. Based at Cornell Law School, the Center employs the expertise and resources of Cornell University and in particular draws upon the innovation of the recently launched Cornell Tech School to empower women through technology.

The Center began in 2009 with a generous grant from the Avon Foundation for Women. Since then it has undertaken several major initiatives including practice-oriented clinical projects, legal research assistance for judges, thought leadership events and an online repository of resources relating to gender justice. The Center continues to expand its scope with the launch of Cornell Tech to harness the power of technology to promote and secure women's economic and social progress.

The Center is led by Faculty Director, Professor Stewart Schwab and Chair and Co-Founder, Kim Azzarelli, who also serves as an Adjunct Professor at the law school, teaching courses on women, justice and the economy.