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Stakeholder Roundtable Discussion on Gaps in Accountability for Sexual Violence in Kenyan Schools

In fall 2014, the Avon Global Center, Cornell's Global Gender Justice Clinic, and University of Nairobi's Human Rights Clinic began a project to address sexual violence by teachers against schoolchildren in Kenya. Despite Kenya's promising child protection laws and policies, early interviews with Department of Education officials, teachers' union representatives, NGOs, and child protection officers revealed extensive minimization of the extent of the problem. A lack of awareness about the impact of this abuse on children's physical and mental wellbeing contributes to a culture of impunity: children rarely report the misconduct and culpable teachers are transferred to other schools rather than facing discipline from the Teachers Commission, or criminal or civil penalties.

After completion of desk research and fact-finding, the Center and Clinics hosted a high-level roundtable discussion in Kisumu, Kenya on January 13, 2015 entitled "Sexual Violence Against Kisumu Schoolchildren: Enhancing Accountability". The roundtable brought together government and community stakeholders to analyze the extent of the problem of sexual violence against schoolchildren in Kenyan schools. It facilitated discussions to identify gaps in accountability and brainstorm solutions and culminated in participants agreeing on goals to pursue over the next six months (until summer 2015).

Please see the Workshop Report here.


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