"Lean In? Opt Out?" Hard Truths–and Strategies for Success–for Women Lawyers Today

On September 17th, the Avon Global Center for Women and Justice and the Women's Law Coalition hosted Judge Delissa Ridgway for a talk entitled "Lean in? Opt out?" Hard Truths-and Strategies for Success-for Women Lawyers Today.

The candid, provocative, and wide-ranging conversation covered the importance of diversity in the legal profession and the current status of women in the law. Judge Ridgway gave many insights into the opportunities and unique challenges that face young female associates in law today. She stressed how young women must capitalize on their strengths, and seek both female and male mentors. Judge Ridgway advised the attendees to develop and maintain their networks, have a written business plan for their careers, and get training on substantive, legal, and professional skills when possible.

After the presentation, questions from the audience showed how Judge Ridgway's points touched on concerns shared by many law students.

Delissa Ridgway 

Judge Ridgway gives advice during her talk.