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Research Assistance for Judges

The Avon Global Center accepts requests to conduct pro bono legal research assistance to judges on issues relating to gender justice. Research may include drafting legal research memoranda; providing referrals to articles, cases, or other resources; preparing training or public education materials; and assisting in the preparation of speeches or presentations. Such requests may support a judge's adjudication of a case, development of courtroom procedures, or activities outside of the courtroom. Examples of judicial support include:

  • Preparation of interactive materials for a training of judges and prosecutors on human trafficking cases in Kenya;
  • Research on integrated domestic violence courts in the United States;
  • Analysis of the features and benefits of Argentina's Domestic Violence Office; and
  • Comparative research on the use of mandatory minimum sentences in sexual offence cases.

For more examples of memoranda prepared in response to judicial requests, please click here.

To request legal research assistance

To submit a request for legal research assistance, please send us an email. Once a judge submits a request, a Center staff member will contact her or him to confirm whether we can handle the request and to set a timeline for delivery of the work-product.

Requests are treated as presumptively confidential and a judge is welcome to make a request without divulging confidential details. With a judges's permission, non-sensitive research memoranda are uploaded to the Center's Women and Justice Collection, where they may inform the work of other judges around the world.