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Recruiting Schedule

Cornell Law School representatives visit university campuses throughout the country, and participate in law school fairs and forums. We look forward to meeting you in person so we can tell you more about our Law School. Below is our recruiting schedule for 2016:

City Event
5/26 Liberty, MO
Truman Scholar Graduate Fair
6/9 Chicago, IL
Chicago Law Admissions Workshop Series (LAWS)
7/11 New York, NY
New York Law Admissions Workshop Series (LAWS)
7/12 Washington, DC
Washington DC Law Admissions Workshop Series (LAWS)
7/23 Washington, DC
7/25 Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles Law Admissions Workshop Series (LAWS)
7/26 San Francisco, CA
Silicon Valley Law Admissions Workshop Series (LAWS)
9/19 Atlanta, GA
Atlanta Law Admissions Workshop Series (LAWS)
9/23 Washington, DC
DC Law School Fair at George Washington University
9/26 Rochester, NY
Greater Rochester Law School Night
9/27 Ithaca, NY
Cornell Law Open House
9/27 Ithaca, NY
Cornell Law School Day
10/3 Bloomington, IN
MAPLA - Indiana University
10/4 Urbana, IL
MAPLA - University of Illinois
10/5 Madison, WI
MAPLA - University of Wisconsin
10/6 Notre Dame, IN
MAPLA - University of Notre Dame
10/10 Cambridge, MA
Harvard Law School Night
10/14-10/15 New York, NY
10/20 San Francisco, CA
LSAC San Francisco Forum
10/20 Austin, TX
SWAPLA Caravan-University of Texas at Austin
11/5 Los Angeles, CA
11/11 Boston, MA
LSAC Boston Forum
11/15 Chicago, IL
LSAC Chicago Forum