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An aerial view of one of the Cornell Quads, showing Cayuga Lake on the left and beautiful buildings and trees.

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Ithaca is located in the heart of the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. With its many gorges, lakes, and parks, natural beauty surrounds the campus. In fact, the Law School is bounded by Cascadilla Gorge with waterfalls and a short trail to downtown Ithaca.
“The close camaraderie of the student body and the one-on-one attention from professors lends to an individualized and personal education like none I have experienced before.”
Sophia Rogers '25

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Student Ambassadors are available virtually via zoom or in-person by appointment only. To set up a meeting or for any general questions please email law.ambassador@cornell.edu. 

Learn about our Student Ambassadors here.

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Our Fall 2023 Class Visits and Tours are available; however, self-guided tours of the Law School are available if visiting during the academic year is not possible.

  1. Cornell Law School Class Visits and Tours
  2. Cornell Law School Virtual Tour: Narrated By Professor Kevin Clermont
  3. Cornell Law School 360 Virtual Tour

For more information please visit our J.D. FAQ, or contact the Admissions and Financial Aid office at 607-255-5141 or jdadmissions@cornell.edu

Students conversion near an entrance to Cornell Law School. Flowering trees are on both sides of the image, and vertical banners displaying "Cornell Law School" flank the building entrance.

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Cornell Law School is dramatically increasing its support for graduates pursuing public service careers, setting a new standard among the nation’s top law schools. Beginning in June 2024, Cornell Law will increase the salary cap eligible for full reimbursement for federal loans from $80,000 to $120,000 for graduates in public service jobs. Further, Cornell Law will also offer partial reimbursements for those with salaries between $120,000 and $150,000. Depending on the circumstances, the plan may eliminate the entirety of law school debt for some graduates. Click the link in our bio for more information!
"The advanced Campus Mediation Practicum has given me the opportunity to strengthen my mediation skills in a professional context and challenged me to reconsider my perspective about the purpose and impact of conflict resolution. Through the practicum, I have mentored students across various departments, actively participated in Cornell University's broader conflict resolution apparatus, and trained to become certified as a court-appointed mediator in the state of Montana. The teaching and learning opportunities as a mentor have inspired me to set the professional example I hope to encounter in the legal workplace and beyond." 

Grace Traore '24 highlights the impact that experiential learning has had on her career. Check out the link in our bio to learn more about the Campus Mediation Practicum.
Convocation is upon us! Don't forget to tag us in your graduation photos and videos this Saturday, and use #CLSGrad24
Cornell Law clinics give students the opportunity to participate in cases that shape important legal precedent. Last week, students in Cornell Law's Transnational Disputes Clinic traveled to Washington, D.C. to watch the US Supreme Court hear argument in United States v. Muñoz. The clinic filed an amicus brief in the case, which is contrary to the Biden administration's arguments that affording U.S. citizens due process in visa denial cases is impractical, and would jeopardize the United States' foreign relations and national security interests. To learn more about the Transnational Law Clinic, check out the link in our bio.  #CornellLaw #CornellLawClinics

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